3 Methods To Make Dumplings

How To Make Dumplings In 3 Ways

Want to know how to make dumpling in various ways? There is not one way to make these dumplings, in fact, there are 3 different ways to make it: steam, boil, and pan-fry.
Let’s see how you can make dumplings in all of these 3 ways

1. How To Make Dumplings Through Boiling

How To Make Dumplings In 3 Ways
How To Make Dumplings In 3 Ways

Boiling is the most popular method of making dumplings in China. They put the doughs into the boiling water to make them. Chinese people love to indulge in this type of dish. You will love the softness of the wrappers yet will be lost in the deliciousness of the filling.

• Add Cold Water

Cooking boiled dumplings is much easier when one knows the right process. While cooking, you have to add cold water for three times into the boiling water before the dumplings get cooked thoroughly. Cover the lid of the pot every time you pour water.

• Rinse For Avoiding Sticking

After the dumplings are complete, you should rinse them with cold water once for just a few seconds. This will remove the excess starch, and dumplings will not stick to each other. If you are going to put the cooked doughs into a soup dish, then don’t rinse them.

• Retaining The Look

To retain the look of boiled dumplings,
– Use the flour with high-gluten level
– Ensure that the dough is little firmer
– Make the wrappers little thick

2. How To Make Dumplings Crispy Way

How To Make Dumplings In 3 Ways
How To Make Dumplings In 3 Ways

Of course, crispy dumplings means pan-fried ones, and they are tastier. The golden look along with the crispy texture makes it a showstopper itself.

• Fry-Steam-Fry

Originally in this process, the dumpling is first fried, then steamed and lastly again fried.

– Put the frying pan over high heat. Let some oil to get warm. Now add the dumplings.
– After few seconds the bottom part of the doughs will become light brown. Then pour some cold water in it. Dumplings’ 1/3 should get covered by water. Put the lid on immediately.
– Once the water evaporates entirely, uncover the lid. Cook it for 1/2 – 1 minute until crispy.

3. Steamed Dumplings

How To Make Dumplings In 3 Ways
How To Make Dumplings In 3 Ways

Steaming a dumpling is a third-way of making dumplings. It’s healthy like the boiling dumpling. It’s a method that people in Southern China use. Steaming requires the least attention and effort.

• Cooking Method

Place the doughs into a steamer basket and set the timer. Yes, it is that simple to make. However, there are a few tips you may follow:

– If you want to prevent them from sticking to your basket, then there are three options that you may like to choose-

Underneath each dumpling place a small slice of carrot, lettuce or cabbage.

Coat the basket with a little layer of oil if the steamer is of metal.

You can place parchment paper under each one of this dumpling.

– When the water comes to boil fully, place the basket in.

• Varying Cooking Time

As the dough shapes differ, so does the cooking time for each of dumpling. Starch-based dumplings require 6 minutes of cooking time while the flour-based wrappers require 10 minutes to get cooked thoroughly.

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