4 Best Tasting Filipino Dishes That Are A Must-Try

A plate of food on a table

The Philippines is a prominent destination in the travel list of people willing to go east. It is not only a hub of islands with the strongest ecological system but is also known for its ecstatic cuisine. The dishes that are emerging out of Filipino culture are recognized as one of the coming best things in mainstream commercial cuisine. There is a wide spectrum of Filipino dishes with their wonders of natural and aquatic resources and a deep history and tradition. Also, there is a tendency to mix and match that gives birth to some of the best tasting Filipino dishes. Here are some worthy mentions.

Adobo – One Of The Best Tasting Filipino Dishes

A plate of food on a table

This is one of the most famous Filipino dishes, sometimes also known as “Mighty adobo”. The dish is made through stewing meat of either chicken, pork, or sometimes both. These meat pieces are stewed in vinegar or soy sauce and are added with bay leaves and peppercorns for giving a special flavor. There is a tip for preparing this dish. It is to pull the meat out from the bones and fry it till it gets a bit crispy.


A plate of food on a wooden table

This is one of the best tasting Filipino dishes that is served on hot plates of stone. It is one of the favorite beer chows amongst Filipinos. The meat used in this dish is obtained primarily from the face of a pig. The Philippines has a culture of not wasting any part of the animal. Some of its variant recipes also use raw eggs or mayonnaise that is to be mixed hot to give a more creamy texture. However, the classic way of making this dish is to use the pig’s brain in the dish.

Pancit Guisado – One Of The Best Tasting Filipino Dishes For Foreigners

This is one of the most famous Filipino Dishes amongst foreigners, especially those who have some Filipino friends. This dish enjoys a customary preference in the local birthday parties. This noodle dish called Pancit Guisado symbolizes long life in the local folk which is why it is even included in many other important feasts. The noodles are accompanied by sliced vegetables and pieces of meat. All of the ingredients are cooked in fish sauce, broth, and soy sauce. It also enjoys a squeeze of Calamansi over the serving.

Pork Barbeque

Barbeque is one of those dishes that is loved all across the world and the Philippines is no different. Therefore, Pork barbeque is a worthy addition to the list of best tasting Filipino dishes because of all the renditions that the local culture adds to it. It is wonderful served alongside afternoon meal rice or as an evening snack on the streets.


As the Philippines continues to be a growing country, there is a subtle attraction that the world has to its roots and culture, especially in the case of cuisine. With all the old and traditional roots of the east, it is worthy to give these dishes a try.

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