Common Mistake To Avoid While Ordering

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Ordering Desserts

There is nothing more delightful than having a cavalcade of desserts at your table after a wholesome meal. Who does not like to have desserts after food? Nobody can resist from devouring a chocolate mud pie, or for that matter, some ice cream to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. But, sometimes, it so happens that, out of excitement, we tend to order the most exotic dessert available in the menu and regret later on. To save yourself from such disappointments, make yourself aware of 5 common mistake you are prone to commit while ordering desserts. 

5 Common Mistake To Avoid While Ordering Dessert
5 Common Mistake To Avoid While Ordering Dessert

Listed below are some mistakes that should be avoided while ordering desserts:

Never Go For Heavy Desserts After Dinner- Common Mistake

Cuisines are mostly very heavy and oily. Starting from potato stuffed parathas topped with butter or ghee to butter chickens and dal makhani, Indian food is loaded with a huge amount of calories. When it comes to desserts, kulfi, rabri, gajar ka halwa, kheer, phirni, etc. are the favorite of every Indian. These types of desserts are equally oily and full of sugar and fats. A heavy dessert after a heavy meal may cause acidity, uneasiness, or make you feel bloated at night. So, the best way to balance is by having a light dessert after a heavy meal and vice versa.  

Order Your Dessert According To Your Meal – Common Mistake

Must know to pair appropriate types of dessert in accordance with the main course. For instance, if you have had some tangy stuff for the main course and order tangy desserts too, it will trigger your gastritis. Instead, do for some light and sweets to balance the tangy taste of the main course. In this way, know to balance your meals wisely. 

Gelato Is Not An Ice Cream

Remember, all the semi-solid mixtures made from milk are not ice creams. It can be a gelato or even a mousse. There are vast differences between gelato and ice cream. Often people confuse every milk-based mixture to be ice cream. Gelato is only a denser and heavier version of ice cream. 

5 Common Mistake To Avoid While Ordering Dessert
5 Common Mistake To Avoid While Ordering Dessert

Enquire About The Ingredients Before Ordering Desserts

Not hesitate to ask the waiter about the ingredients in the desserts before making your choice. It is foolish to choose the desserts based on their exotic names or pictures on the menu. Be mindful and frankly clear all your queries. This is true not only in the case of desserts but also in the main course or starters. Most people are allergic to something or the other. For instance, you may be allergic to peanut butter, but the dessert you ordered has peanut butter, which you are not aware of. Ultimately, you will be the sufferer. So, it advisable to ask questions rather than regretting later. 

Bestsellers Need Not Be The Best Ones For You

The restaurant has a bestseller dish. But it is not necessary that it will be best for you. The taste preferences differ from person to person. Hence, gather some information before ordering any dessert to save yourself from disappointments. 

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