Chinese Desserts For Your Sweet Tooth |

Chinese Desserts For Your Sweet Tooth

6 Chinese Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth and if you are looking for such desserts that have less sugar content, then you have to opt for the Chinese desserts. These sweet dishes in China are so palatable that you have to ask for more. So, let’s check out six types of Chinese sweet dishes.

6 Chinese Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
6 Chinese Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Ba Si Di Gua

Have you ever made or eaten a dessert with potatoes? No! Then you must try this one. This delicacy from northeastern China is made of cubed potatoes that are caramelized and then stuck together. The outer layer is sugary and crispy, whereas the inner part is starchy and warm. Having a bite will feel complete heaven, particularly in winter.

Cake Made With Water Chestnut

Chinese water chestnut is shredded and used to make this soft and lucent dessert. After making this Cantonese cake, you need to cut it in small squares and shallow fry. This cake is immensely famous in Hong Kong. The Chinese make this cake without fail if it is Lunar New Year as this dessert is used to show affluence as well as development.

Popsicle With Mung Bean

Looking for a summer refresher? Have you ever tried a dessert made of mung beans? Well, one dessert that can serve both these purposes is mung bean popsicle. This is green in color due to the presence of mung beans and quite appealing and makes you refreshed during the summer. The most important thing is it is priced very less. In some cities, it is sold for a single Yuan. 

6 Chinese Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
6 Chinese Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Though most of the Chinese desserts contain less sugar as well as less fat, this mooncake is an exception to that. It is round in shape. The center of the cake is made with the dried and salted yolk of a duck egg along with red beans.  A single cake might give you 1000 calories. So, if you are thinking of trying this yummy cake, do not go overboard, even if you feel like having more than one.

Sesame Fritters

This deep fried golden colored sweet dish is must for Chinese New Year. The Chinese people first deep fry the cookie balls and then coat them with sesame seeds. Due to their cracked opening, they have given the name of grinning fritters to these sweet treat. While the golden color is the sign of wealth, the cracked opening is the symbol of laughter. You can use it as a Chinese snack as well as dessert.

Purple Soup Made Of Rice And Coconut Milk

Can you imagine a dessert that is made without any sugar? Are you in search of one such sweet dish that has zero sugar content? Will you want to try a dessert that will reduce your craving for sweets without giving you the unwanted calories? Then try this excellent dessert famous in Hong Kong. The rice, as well as coconut milk, is blended to make a thick creamy soup. As there is no sugar, it is good for your health as well.

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