Distinctive Cuisines in China

The 8 Kinds Of Distinctive Cuisines In China

There are several kinds of cuisines in China and each cuisine is adapted to the place it comes from. People in different areas of China have different habitats. Commonly spoken of are the “Eight Great Chinese Cuisines” (八大菜系). Read to discover these great and distinctive cuisines and what makes them so different from one another!

The 8 Kinds Of Distinctive Cuisines In China

Sichuan Cuisines In China

Sichuan food is probably the second most common type of Chinese cuisine in the United States. However, Cantonese food dominates so much that it’s relatively hard to find authentic Sichuan food unless you’re in a big coastal city of the USA. It is known widely for its extreme spiciness and use of both the spicy and aromatic “Heaven-facing” peppers (朝天椒) and the mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorn (花椒).

Guangdong (Or Cantonese Food) Is One Of The Most Famous Cuisines In China

As a southern coastal province and major trading port, Cantonese cuisine is known for its use of very fresh ingredients. Also, it tends to use the greatest variety of ingredients, including just about any edible meat and seafood.

Hunan Cuisines In China

Hunan cuisine is like Sichuan cuisine, known for its spicy flavors and preserved ingredients. However, it seldom uses Sichuan peppercorns. The spiciness is rather much more direct. Moreover, Hunan is an agricultural region and it is rich in use of seasonal ingredients. Chilli fish head is of typical Hunan style, made of lots of chili, and fish heads.

Anhui Is One Of The Cuisines In China

This cuisine is known for its simplicity. Moreover, it uses braising and stewing methods, and uses a lot of wild herbs, veggies, and sea ingredients. Furthermore, they like to use river fish among many others.

Fujian (Minnan) Cuisine

The 8 Kinds Of Distinctive Cuisines In China
The 8 Kinds Of Distinctive Cuisines In China

Fujian cuisine tends to value light, well-balanced flavors and broth preparation. Soy sauce is used but sparingly. Common seasonings include simple salt and sugar, 沙茶醬 (Shacha sauce), wine, and various seafood-based sauces (shrimp paste, fish sauce, oyster sauce, etc.)

Jiangsu Cuisine

Jiangsu cuisine focuses on seasonality of the ingredients, and also on soft textures, along with a lot of broth. The matching appearance of the dishes is quite important.

Zhejiang Cuisines In China

Zhejiang cuisines are famous for they are tasty, rich and healthier. It has a few distinct substyles that focus on bamboo; poultry and freshwater fish; and seafood and salt.  If you visit Zhejiang, you must try Dongpo Pork, invented by Su Shi, a famous writer in the Song Dynasty. Yes, he’s a writer, not a chef. Who knows how he did that! Zhejiang cuisine loves dumplings as well. They are traditionally cooked in bamboo containers like the Bamboo Steamer for Fish Rice Vegetable Snack Basket Set on our website! It’s easy to use, eco-friendly and gives you perfect dumplings each time.

The 8 Kinds Of Distinctive Cuisines In China
The 8 Kinds Of Distinctive Cuisines In China

Shandong Cuisine

This cuisine is one of the most important and influential in all of Chinese cuisine. However, it’s pretty hard to find outside of China (well, except maybe for Beijing duck). Moreover, it uses more vinegar than other cuisines and has a couple of different sub-styles. Also, the style makes use of a lot of maize, peanuts, and grains.

Ultimately, with Chinese food, you have to come to appreciate the subtlety of the variation. The beauty is in the fine distinctions rather than the glaring differences between dishes!

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