Look At The Variety Of Chinese Dumplings

How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings are a signature snack in this cuisine. Whenever you hear about the dumplings, what does it actually mean? What kind of stuffing has been incorporated in these dumplings? Well, there are different types of dumplings that you will find in the market. From meat stuffing to the vegetable stuffing, there are various forms and styles of them. If you are confused about which dumpling variant suits you well, then this article is for you. We have compiled a list of the best Chinese dumplings, check out them and let us know which one is your favorite.

Soup Dumplings

These dumplings are also called Xiao Long Bao. The origin of these dumplings lie in Shanghai and are popularly known as Shanghai specialty. The classic soup dumplings will have pork stuffing and the soup and meat stock. This stock will be in the form of a gelatin and when it is steamed it melts into a soup. Usually people dump these dumplings into a mix of soy sauce, vinegar and ginger, then poke a hole and lets the soup out of the dumpling. They taste the soup along with soy sauce first and then enjoy the pork dumpling.

Steamed Jiao Zi

This is the traditional dumpling delicacy. The steamed jiaozi consists of ground meat and vegetable stuffing wrapped in a thin flour. The wrapper will be very thin and chefs prefer this steaming process over the boiling because steaming helps in maintaining the right form of shape. These dumplings should be eaten when they are hot only. They become soggy and rubbery.

Tasty Variations In Chinese Dumplings
Tasty Variations In Chinese Dumplings

Guan Tang Bao

This is very similar to the soup dumplings as it has both soup and pork in stuffing but the wrapper that encloses the entire stuffing is thick and the size of these dumplings is bigger. Usually, they are sold as single buns and they have the stick at top which helps in holding the buns. Guan Tang Bao is one of the famous recipes in tourist destinations as its different shape and delicious taste attracts the tourists.

Har Gow

Har Gow is one of the best Chinese dumplings variant where you will find a transparent wrapper. The stuffing in these dumplings will be made from shrimp and are folded in the form of calm. People call these dumplings as a true test to the chef. The chef should craft them with perfection in order to get the best taste out of them.

Shao Mai

This is another famous dumpling variant which is found in Dim Sum. The filling of Shao Mai contains the combination of vegetables, pork and shrimp. This is one of a kind of dumpling. A crab roe or carrot piece is placed on the top of this dumpling. The shape of this dumpling is also very different from the other ones.

Tasty Variations In Chinese Dumplings
Tasty Variations In Chinese Dumplings


Unlike other dumplings present in this list, Wontons are boiled. These dumplings are popular across China and people call it with different names in different places. Bok Choy and minced pork filling make the best wontons. They are in a triangle shape and tastes best with sesame paste.

These are the best variants in the Chinese dumplings that you should taste at lest once.

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