An Introduction To Sujis Korean Cuisine

Suji's Korean Cuisine

If you are looking for a new way to impress your guests at your next fancy dinner party or want to introduce a new twist on your standard Asian cuisine, you should take a close look at Suji’s Korean Cuisine. Suji’s has a number of options for you to choose from when it comes to choosing from their wide variety of delicious and healthy entrees and side dishes. The company focuses their menu on Korean and Japanese cuisine and offers a number of unique menus that range from appetizers and desserts to full dinner courses. Take a look at the following tips for helping you make your next visit to their restaurant a successful one.

Various Styles Of Chickens

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Suji has many different styles of chicken that they serve for a variety of occasions. Their signature dish, Korean Chicken Wings is a simple side dish that will satisfy anyone who goes there. It is made with tender, flavorful Korean chicken that is topped with a sweet and sour sauce. You will find this dish on their buffet as well as a starter or even a dessert. This makes it a great option for people who like to have an appetizer or dessert with their meal.

The side dish of the day is Suji’s signature salad. This salad is made with vegetables, cheese, cucumber, red bell pepper, celery, scallions, and herbs. This salad is served on a fresh bowl of lettuce or mixed with a few pieces of mixed greens. This salad is always a hit and is often a favorite of the guest as well as the staff. This salad can be enjoyed alone but is often paired with an entree that includes a bit of sour cream.

Vegetarian Options In Suji

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Suji is not only known for its popular Asian cuisine but also for their vegetarian offerings. Their vegetarian offerings include appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, wraps, pasta, dips, snacks, and desserts. While many of their entrees are based on traditional dishes of Korea, they also have a variety of dishes that incorporate elements of Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and other types of food.

For instance, the most popular appetizers that are served are the tofu and tempeh. These are both filling and hearty and are great choices for your guests that want something light to munch while they wait for the main course to arrive. You can also find the Asian Spicy Tempeh and Asian Spicy Vegetable Skewers appetizers that can be enjoyed with the tofu and tempeh as well as the Spicy Broccoli or Chicken.

Other Popular Korean Cuisine

Other popular entrees include the Korean Cauliflower with Roasted Pepper Sesame Chicken and the Spicy Red Peony Ginger Chicken. The Roasted Marinated Roast Pork is a very refreshing choice and is paired well with a few bottles of Suji’s signature soy sauce and some steamed rice.

Final Words

Suji also has a number of salads that you can enjoy as a side dish. These include the Asian Spring Roll, the Asian Spicy Spring Roll, the Asian Hummus Wrap, the Asian Greek Salad, and the Asian Spicy Cucumber Salad. The Asian Greek Salad is a very refreshing salad that is very flavorful and has a great mix of flavors. The Asian Spicy Cucumber Salad is packed with citrus fruits, cilantro, cucumber, mint leaves, parsley, radish, spinach, and mint leaves and is an ideal choice if you would like to add a nice citrus flavor to your diet.

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