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Indian Food: Five Amazing You Must Taste

When I think of versatile foods, Asian cuisine comes to my mind. The cooking style, aroma, bright colors, fresh, and varieties of ingredients have made Asian food immensely popular in the food world. You cannot just have enough of their rich curries, steamed dumplings, stir-fries, and grilled foods. The delectableness of all types of dishes will make you ask for more.

Asian Food: The List Of Top 10 For The Food Lovers
Asian Food: The List Of Top 10 For The Food Lovers

Here are the 10 Asian foods that are must-try for every foodie.

Asian Chicken BBQ

This piquant, but sweet little recipe goes very well with any fried rice. Chicken pieces marinated with char siu and drizzled with honey, and this grilled dish is super tasty.

Chili Chicken

Either you have it alone, or as a side dish with fried rice, the spicy and boneless chili chicken will make you forget the restaurants. This delicious chicken dish is of Indo-Chinese origin and can act as a perfect show-stealer in any party, lavish dinner, or Sunday brunch.

Indonesian Satay

Invented in Java, Indonesia, this is a barbecue dish prepared with marinated soft meat, grilled on hot charcoal.  This palatable dish is good to go with a very spicy and sizzling peanut sauce.

Dumplings From Vietnam

Filled with ground pork and mushrooms and steamed to the perfectness, these dumplings will satisfy your food craving. The spicy chili-garlic sauce is its right companion. You can make it in your home very quickly.

Asian Food: The List Of Top 10 For The Food Lovers
Asian Food: The List Of Top 10 For The Food Lovers

Diced Chicken Made With Black Bean Sauce

This dish is for the chicken lovers, without any doubt. Diced chicken prepared with loads of chili along with pepper will make an excellent meal if you team it with egg noodles or fried rice. Don’t you want to share it with any other dish? No problem! Just have it alone, and you are done.

South-East Asian Grilled Fish Fillets

Are you fond of fish? Then you have to try this grilled fish fillets. It is marinated with sesame oil and a tangy dressing. This dish will melt in your mouth. Have them as snacks or starter before the main course. In both ways, these spicy fish fillets will be a show-stopper.

Khao Suey – Burmese Delicacy

This one-pot meal is a savory dish of Burma. Full of flavors and garnished with fried onion, garlic, and peanuts and a dash of lemon – this Burmese recipe is easy to make.

Thai Curry Fish

The concoction of soft fish and coconut milk is a huge hit among food lovers. Perfectly spicy, easy on your tummy, rich flavors, and vibrant green color – all the factors act together to impress the guests.

Singaporean Chili Crab

The crabs are stir-fried and mixed with spicy and little sweet tomato chili sauce to give rise to this scrumptious dish. The soft flesh crab coated with tasty sauce makes it one of the most famous foods of Singapore.

Prawn Tempura In Japanese style

Looking for a unique starter to serve to your guests? Yes? Beyond doubt, this Japanese crispy prawn will make the evening memorable. Crunchy golden prawn served with soy sauce will be the star attraction of the evening.

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