Best Filipino Dishes – You Should Know These Tasty Dishes

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Filipino Food always has been drawing inspiration from cuisines all around the world. However, their cuisine is not easy to make. It is a complex combination of multiple spices. It is mainly because Filipino Cuisine has been influenced by many countries like China, Spain, India, Japan, and the entire Western cuisine culture. Here are some best Filipino dishes that you can try. This article consists of the best and easiest to make Filipino dishes. 

Best Filipino Dishes – Adobo

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Adobo is a dish that originated from Mexico. However, Filipinos have found a different way of cooking meat, most commonly chicken or pork. They have discovered that cooking meat with vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce, and other condiments is a convenient way to preserve meat without refrigeration. We can apply this type of cooking method to all kinds of meat and even seafood. Naturally, this tastes the best in the Philippines when you make it at home, but you can always find garlic-marinated lamb Adobo at Abe’s in Taguig. 

Best Filipino Dishes – Crispy Pata

A plate of food on a table

Not suitable for easily scared pork, this pork thigh is usually steamed, dried, and fried until crispy. As a result, the inside is tender and juicy, and the outside is crispy. It is served with vinegar, soy sauce, and chili for the best taste. 

Best Filipino Dishes – Chicken inasal

It is grilled chicken but in the style of the Filipino dish. But in Bacolod, this is not the ordinary roast chicken. Instead, the meat is marinated with lemongrass, calamansi, salt, pepper, and garlic and coated with achuete oil. This dish uses every part of the edible chicken. It is suggested to be eaten with plenty of garlic rice and orange oil to marinate the poured chicken. 

Best Filipino Dishes – Taba ng talangka

We come to the next brilliant dish now. Squeeze the fat from a small amount of crab with garlic and fry it. This high-cholesterol Filipino dish is often used as a sauce or dip with shrimp or eaten with fried fish and rice. The best Taba ng Talangka comes from Pampanga, Tarlac and Bulacan provinces. It is worth buying a bottle or two from the market or pasalubong store like Bulacan Sweets.

Best Filipino Dishes – Bulalo

Despite the constant heat, Filipinos often enjoy hot bulalo soup made from freshly chopped Batangas beef. The broth has a rich flavor that is released from the meat after hours of cooking. In addition, the bones are large, which means more bone marrow to relish. In Tomas, Batangas province, there are several restaurants along the road that serve Bulalo.


In the Philippines, it is very common to eat with your hands. It is a tradition called Kamayan. Another famous tradition in the Philippines is not to let your food wait. An aspect that makes Filipino food savory is that they have dips and sauces with almost every cuisine. They consider their food incomplete without dips and sauces. So, while in Filipino, they relish their food just like the locals do.

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