Best Thai Cuisine

Best Thai Cuisines

Most people traveling to Thailand means taking advantage of Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine is full of using fresh herbs, flaming fires, and delicious curries. People, residents, and tourists love to have Thai cuisines. It provides some insight into Thai cuisine, which has to offer confidence to one of many dishes.

Everywhere you can see the restaurants, vendors, and fast food stores for eating. However, ensure that you know there are four different regions for foods. They are:

  • Northern Thai Cuisine
  • Northeastern Thai Cuisine
  • Central Thai Cuisine
  • Southern Thai Cuisine

Northern Thai Cuisine

Best Thai Cuisines
Best Thai Cuisines

This region cuisine offers less spicy foods. It is shallow in species when compared to other regions of Thailand. The most famous dishes in this region are:

Khao Soi: It is one of the noodle soups that will be very creamier. However, this dish is the most famous in Northern Thai. This soup actually topped with some fried noodles which are crisp. Besides, it serves with the chicken drumsticks and wings. However, it is not that spicy dish, but the flavors of ginger and garlic make the dish delicious.

Hang Lae: It is one of the most famous dishes made with pork. To get a flavorful taste, they use tamarind. Then again, this dish topped with the nuts and cilantro, chopped and roasted.

Nam Prik Ong: The most advantage of this dish is that it is available or cooked in every region of Thailand. This dish made of pork and tomatoes. Besides, this dish served with leaves of cabbage. However, some of the people reminded the people of an Italian pasta recipe.

Northeastern Thai Cuisine

This region provides the most famous dishes. It serves seasoned foods that include herbs, garlic, ginger, chilies, and vegetables. However, you can find some of the flavors of sour and spice.

Laab: This Laab is a dish made of meat. Actually, Laab is a salad having a high level of sour and spicy. However, it is widespread to order rice with this Thai cuisine salad. This salad tops with tomatoes, lemon zest, and mint leaves.

Nam Tok Moo: This dish is also one of the salads that are similar with Laab. Actually, Laab salad made of minced pork neck while Nam Tok Moo dish salad made of sliced pieces of meat. This salad tops with some spring onions and lemon zest.

Central Thai Cuisine

Central Thailand is the country that offers classic dishes to the people. Check out some of the recipes of Central Thai Cuisine:

Tom Yum Goong: This dish is a soup that tastes sour. It serves with mushrooms and prawns. This soup is one of the most famous soups in entire Thailand.

Tom Ka Kai: This soup based on coconut and adds chicken. People can feel fresh and thanks to this soup. This soup served mushrooms and chicken with cilantro. The flavors of this soup can make people feel high.

Southern Thai Cuisines

Best Thai Cuisines
Best Thai Cuisines

This region provides more curries than soups or salads. However, these curries are less spicy and influenced by Malaysian dishes.

Massaman Curry: This massaman curry is influenced by Muslims, which is creamier and mild. It serves with beef and chicken. Besides, potatoes and peanuts, which are boiled and roasted, will be the side dishes. Penang Curry: This curry is famous in Malaysia. It is creamy and tops with lemongrass to provide a fresh look. This Penang curry will be thicker in this region.

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