Chinese Cuisine History You Need To Know About

Chinese Cuisine History

Does your tongue start dripping whenever you are around Chinese food? All you can think of is noodles and something spicy? Then you have to get back to the root of Chinese Cuisine history and know from where these unique cuisines came up. In the Paleolithic Period, the humans in China mainly survived on their hunting strategies. From the Han Dynasty, the food blending started, and there was a mix of collaborative flavors. In the Qing Dynasty, as well as the Ming Dynasty, there was a gradual formation of eight cuisines, and there are unique features in each one of them.

Prevalence Of Grain-Chinese Cuisine History

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This is the phase from the Neolithic Period to the Shang Dynasty. The graining process was very straightforward, and the equipment used was a grinding base, rolling pin, pestle, and mortar. The high class could only enjoy the milled grain, which went on until the stone mill came out to make things easier. This was a moment of great historical relevance in Chinese food history.

Appearance Of Eight Delicacies-Chinese Cuisine History

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This is something that happened in the Western Zhou, which was between 1046-771 BC. In this era, the system of boiling, steaming, roasting as well as deep frying started. There is a vast variety of ingredients which began, and a lot of other cooking methods began. Cooking became an art form, and people started making new delicacies. The eight treats are also known as eight treasures, and the ingredients included roasting, stewing, pickling as well as grounding.

Emergence Of Four Cuisines-Chinese Cuisine History

This phase was prevalent from 770BC to 207BC. This was also known as the autumn period in Chinese history, and there is the incorporation of the cultures of various nationalities. The food formed the northern and southern style and brought out numerous flavors. The Qi state has a long history which implemented modern-day cooking techniques. The Chu people made sure that they had enough ingredients to put in a single dish and started putting poultry items and seafood. The Jiangsu Cuisine came into existence, and that went on till the end of the dynasty. It was during this time that Cantonese cuisine started emerging and became very popular all throughout the world.

Western Regions Food Ingredients

With the Han dynasty, there was more engagement between the northwest regions and the central plain. The founder of Silk Route Zhang Qian, started using veggies like pepper, cucumber, carrot, walnut as well as pomegranate in the main dishes. Many diets started coming up, and that even included cakes. For the garnishing purpose, a lot of fruits were used like peach, apricot, and pear. China introduced cakes in the form of cheese and mooncakes, and the food culture over there became very reputed.

Climax Of The Cuisine-Chinese Cuisine History

This phase was during 618-907 years, and the dynasty was Tang at that time. A lot of different nationalities came into being, which brought prosperity in the food dimension of China. There were 58 dishes in total, and that included both the cold and hot dishes.


You can trace the Chinese cuisine history to various exciting stories, and it is interesting to know about them. Now you can enjoy reading it while taking a few of your favorite noodles.

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