10 Most Popular Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine has won the hearts of people across the globe. Many countries have added their own variants to the authentic Chinese cuisine and made it palatable as per their preferences. But if you love authentic Chinese food and want to know more about the popular dishes, then here we have a list of the ten most popular Chinese Cuisine Dishes.

Best Chinese cuisine
Best Chinese cuisine

New Chinese Cuisine Dishes


The hotpot is a typical Chinese flavored dish. It is the go-to dish to order when  you are bored of the regular fried rice, chow mein or dim sum. This hotpot is a meat broth prepared with vegetables. You can choose the broth to be mushroom, tomato, spicy or the original flavored. The flavors can vary depending upon the sauce you add to go with the kind of meat. The classic hotpot is a peanut butter dish with smashed garlic and onion dressing in sesame oil.

Sichuan Pork

The Sichuan Pork is a dish made with poached spicy slices of pork. In this dish, the pork pieces are not stir-fried or deep-fried. They are boiled in water and then coated with egg white and starch to keep them tender. These are added in a meaty broth prepared with lots of pepper and spices. These spices enter the pieces of meat and give it a lot of flavor.

Braised Pork Balls in Gravy

This dish is also known as ‘Chinese meatballs’. This dish is a very smooth and flavory gravy made with good quality meat. The lean:fat pork ratio is 7:3 which gives it its exotic taste. The dish is so delicious that it is almost called as a drug sauce as your taste buds would never seem to have enough of these.

Popular Chinese cuisine

Shrimp with Vermicelli and Garlic

This dish has recently shot to popularity and has many young Chinese generation lovers as well as many foreigners. It is a steamed dish that is very aromatic. It is flavored with lots of garlic in a seafood sauce. Both these blend well with juicy shrimp. There is vermicelli at the bottom of the dish that gets flavored by the sauce and adds the crunchiness. Some people add the typical Chinese yellow wine to enhance the aroma and flavor.


This dish is made of chopped vegetables and minced meat wrapped in a thin paper-like dough. Dumplings have been common in China since time immemorial and have a history spanning more than 1800 years. These are the traditional food of North China. The dumplings are commonly filled with minced pork, ground chicken, diced shrimp, beef, and vegetables. These can be cooked by boiling, steaming, or deep-frying. This dish is commonly eaten on Chinese New Year’s.

Chow Mein

Chow Mein is a famous Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese stir-fried noodles. This dish contains noodles, meat, onions and celery. To make chow mein, the noodles are cooked in boiling water for a few minutes. They are then stir-fried with meat and vegetables and some sauces for flavor.

Peking Roasted Duck

The Peking duck is a famous dish from China’s Beijing. It is now popular across the world. It is loved because of its thin and crispy skin. The sliced Peking duck is enjoyed with pancakes, soy, sweet bean sauce, and mashed garlic.

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