Love Tea? Have A Good Teacup!

Love Tea? Have A Good Teacup!

A Good Teacup Can Change Your Tea-sipping Experience Altogether

You are on the right page if you know the importance of the perfect cup of tea. This unique malt takes quite an effort and is made right with the perfect blend and timed brewing. But wait, what else determines the character of a perfect cup? Yes, it’s the cup. A good tea needs good teacup.

Knowledge of a good teacup goes a long way when you love you enjoy every drop of your tea just the same every time. And not to miss, when you also love to enjoy the aroma for the longest.

Here’s a list of the best, good, and not-so-good choices of teacups to choose from. Remember, a good teacup goes a long way in your tea expedition.

Love Tea? Have A Good Teacup!
Love Tea? Have A Good Teacup!

Porcelain Teacups

The porcelain cups have been the best-preferred choice of all tea lovers since time immemorial. They are expensive and exclusive due to their difficult make and fragility. Still, they are worth the buy. They are naturally nonporous and don’t need glazing externally. It uses fine particle clay called kaolin which is brittle in nature. It doesn’t have the plasticity and malleability like earthenware or stoneware. That’s the reason it is difficult to mold and highly fragile.

International tea testers prefer porcelain teacups as these never interfere with the tea’s flavor or aroma. For the best tea experience, a good teacup should be narrow at the bottom and wide on the top. This retains the warmth of the tea and gives the drinker a good lip-space. You won’t regret buying these at all. Just take a look.

Love Tea? Have A Good Teacup!
Love Tea? Have A Good Teacup!

Earthenware Teacups

These teacups are famous in the eastern part of the world and have an amazing tea-drinking effect. The earthen-ware teacups are easiest to make and are cost-effective as they are made from regular potter’s clay. They are also eco-friendly. Ardent tea drinkers have admitted that earthenware teacups give immense satisfaction if you are a sip-and-savor kind of a drinker. These cups are traditionally made without a handle and have a pot-like shape. They are best used by cupping in both hands and enjoying the hot cuppa sip by sip.

Glass Teacups

This nonporous classic material is always a yes with tea lovers. Glass teacups are classy and elegant. The good quality glass teacups are always double-layered. The two layers of glass are parted with a layer of air. This is done to keep your tea warm enough and your hands cool enough. How wonderful is that!

Another awesome quality of the glass teacup is that it is easy to maintain and do not need vigorous maintenance.  And you can always get the perfect view of your liquor while sipping it drop by drop.

The Never To Choose Plastic Cups

However, they say plastic is safe and harmless. Well, it is not. The melamine can be hazardous to health, and the worst effects can be fatal. And even if they say it is BPA-free, you can’t be sure of it. Both melamine and BPA interfere drastically with any warm liquid poured into it. They are non-biodegradable and hazardous to nature. They may be stylish, easy, and cheap, but they will adversely affect your health in the long run. Never use plastic, not with your favorite tea, for the least.

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