Cooking Indian CuisineIn Hillside

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Food in hillside Indian cuisine has a strong influence of the Mughal and British styles. The hill stations of this region of country attract all food buffs due to the availability of fresh and tasty vegetables, fruits, chilies, spices and other local ingredients.

Hillside – Region Of Mountain

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Hillside is a term given to a vast area that slopes down the foothills of a hill. This area has lush green surroundings, small streams, gardens and fruit orchards. A large part of this region is mountainous and has a rich fertile soil with trees. The climate of this place is cool and moderate and the soil is ideal for growing a variety of crops. Hillside Indian cuisine is a combination of the above two aspects and hence there are several dishes that one can try here.

The food of the hillside is a combination of Indian, Punjabi, Bengali and Mughal cuisines. Some of the most popular dishes include chicken kebabs, mutton kebabs, paella and rotis. These dishes are deliciously prepared using the local ingredients and they are both tasty and healthy.

Most Commonly Used Ingredient – Chicken

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Chicken is the most commonly used ingredient in this region of the country and one can find numerous recipes in this cuisine that use chicken. Most chicken recipes use chicken that has been roasted and then baked. The taste is unique and chicken kebabs and mutton kebabs are very popular across the regions. One can also find vegetarian recipes in this region and the meat lovers will not be disappointed by the taste and textures of the vegetarian food.

Spices are used liberally in Hillside Indian cuisine and the best part is that they are available almost everywhere. They come in various flavors and one can choose according to the taste and preference. Apart from the regular spices, there are certain special spices that are used in Hillside Indian cuisine. These are the Akuzuki (red chili powder), Sherry, Tandoori Masala and Barfi Masala. The spices give out a distinct flavor and one gets really full after eating these dishes.

Healthy Food Area 

Hillside is known to be a healthy food area and people eat the maximum amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in this region. The fresh fruits and vegetables provide a rich taste to the food and they are the pride of Hillside. Besides fresh food, fish is also very common in this region and people like it a lot. People mostly eat fish steaks and seafood.

As far as vegetables are concerned in this region, the main ingredients used in this cuisine are potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, cucumber and pumpkin. It is a fact that the food of Hillside is a mixture of different regional foods of various regions and thus is called as’Regional Indian Cuisine’. However, one cannot claim that all the ingredients mentioned above are only found in this region, but this is the most commonly available ingredient. The chicken and beef are also widely used in Hillside. One must try this food if one wants to experience the authentic Indian flavor.

Bottom Lines

This region has many famous restaurants that serve delicious Indian cuisine. A person visiting Hillside must try to have a tandoori roti, or any other such delicious dish to taste the taste of the South Indian cuisine. This region has more than five types of hotels that serves the best South Indian food to its tourists. If one has never tried South Indian food, he/she must try this cuisine to experience the real taste.

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