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Japanese Food That You Will Love

Customary Japanese Food That You Will Love

Have you ever tried Japanese food? If no, then you have to try the traditional Japanese meals without thinking twice. Why? The cuisine of Japan depends on the rule of five. For example, they use five colors like, white, red, yellow, black and green; five styles of cooking that they incorporate are boiling, raw, grilling, steaming and frying; five mostly used flavors are sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. Besides that, they always use excellent quality and fresh ingredients in their cooking and serve the dishes in a desirable manner. Thus, all these factors have worked together to make Japanese cuisine world famous.

Customary Japanese Food That You Will Love
Customary Japanese Food That You Will Love

Five Traditional Foods Of Japan


The first item to knock your mind wherever thinking of Japanese food is Sushi. Japanese rice mixed with rice vinegar and stuffed with different fillings are sushi. Depending on the varieties of filling, they get different names. Nigiri sushi has raw fish filling along with the same draping; makizushi is made up with nori seaweed whereas inarizushi has fried tofu filling. As the names and fillings are different, so do the shape and presentation.


Battered fish or vegetables or seafood are fried to make this unique dish where the batter is ice-cold, and the oil is extremely hot. You can have this crispy fried dish either with dipping sauce as eaten in Tokyo or with flavored salt as the people of Osaka and Kyoto eat. As a snack or starter, tempura is excellent. You can combine it with rice noodles as well.

Miso Soup

Wherever you are having traditional Japanese dining, this soup is mandatory. The stock of kelp or fish goes into the making of this flavored soup along with Miso bean paste. Depending on the season and availability, green onions, fish, tofu, pork, clams are added to this to make it a showstopper. Be it breakfast, Japanese lunch or dinner, this dinner serves as the perfect side dish.


Easy on the pocket, versatility, and palatability – these three factors have made this chewy as well as dense what flour noodles one of most famous foodstuffs of Japan. You can have it both hot and cold and in various manners like mixed with soup, as stir-fries or with hot pots. A few famous udon dishes are kitsune udon which has the topping of aburaage tofu; Chikara udon where mocha fried rice cakes are given as toppings; and tempura udon having fried battered fish or veggies or seafood as toppings.

Customary Japanese Food That You Will Love
Customary Japanese Food That You Will Love


If you are thinking of having Japanese fine dining, then you must have Kaiseki. It is a multi-course as well as customary Japanese dinner. It includes almost twelve or more than twelve food items, each and every dish prepared with different seasonal and fresh stuff and served in small portions. The different cooking methods are used for making each dish in Kaiseki. It is better to try this meal in Japanese style inns called ryokan or popular Japanese restaurants to experience the authentic Kaiseki.

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