Asian Dishes You Should Know

Many people around the world love Asian foods.

Many people around the world love Asian foods. These foods are full of flavors and textures that you can find somewhere else. If you are a food lover, then we can guarantee you will enjoy eating this food. There are tons of amazing dishes that you must try. In Asian cuisine, you will find a lot of rice, noodles, and use of more ground grown grains.

We are sharing some of the delicious Asian food that you must try. In our top picks, we have vegetarian and non-vegetarian both which has special Asian ingredients.

Asian Food Dishes You Must Try

5 Amazing Asian Food You Must Taste
5 Amazing Asian Food You Must Taste

There are many different cooking styles in Asia foods. That emphasizes the flavors in every dish from deep fry to steaming. Few dishes that are different and you must try.

Special Curry Feast:

This is a special curry recipe from Asia. It has pieces of cinnamon and curry leaves for flavors. It is very popular in Sri Lanka, and this curry served with side’s toppings of bean curry and many different textures. And you can have it with rice and fresh thin and crisp Papadis.

Asam Laksa:

It is a very popular Asian food. It is a spicy noodle fish soup, and it has thinly curried which enhances its flavor. This soup uses tamarind and fish as its soup base and for its main taste. You may have many soups in your life, but this is different because of torch ginger. This ginger is a special herb which separates this dish from other fish noodle soup dishes you already had.

Chili Chicken:

5 Amazing Asian Food You Must Taste
5 Amazing Asian Food You Must Taste

This is a simply boneless chicken dish. It is the combination of sweet and hot chicken it’s loved by many. Chili chicken is a well known Indo-Chinese recipe, and this recipe is simple; you can try this at home. The mouth-watering chicken cooked vegetables and Chinese spice flavors. This dish is delightful to have.

Black Pepper Sauce with Udon Fried Noodle:

In this dish, the main elements are udon fried noodles. These are thick wheat flour noodles very popular in Japanese cooking. It is made up of seasoned juices, soy sauce, and mirin. Moreover, it served with tasty black pepper sauce. This sauce is a blend of crisp ringer peppers, mock duck and other ingredients. The combination served, and it is a must try.

Cilantro Mushrooms Wrapped in Grilled Tofu:

It is a Chinese dish, but it’s very popular. The main ingredients are coriander and mushrooms, which wrapped in grilled tofu. The flavor and texture of this combination are just unbelievable. The taste is different not just because of ingredients. It has a different cooking style which gives this dish a must try flavor.

Asian food has some of the best dishes and their recipes. From vegetarian and non-vegetarian, you can have many choices. We have picked our top five amazing Asian food dishes. However, that is not it; you have a whole lot of dishes to choose from. I hope you will find a way to try these dishes.

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