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dishes of india

Food and drink are the two most important elements of celebrations and festivals of different cultures in India. In celebrations, the people tend to indulge in food and drink to the extent that they even forget their attire. A typical Hindu wedding in India involves a lot of dancing. To look beautiful on the D-day, Indian women don glamorous attires like salwar kameez, saree, etc. At the end of the ceremony, when you step out to roam the streets, you find people rushing to buy delicious food items and drinks.

In a country where cuisine is widely shared among communities with different beliefs, Indian food and drink can be divided into numerous sub-cuisines. One of them is “ramen” or “Indian rice”. It is basically a dish consisting of noodles, which is cooked in a special way and served with varying condiments. Lower-class, strip-mall restaurant serving average Indian food, plus liquor, and beer, in a pink colored room.

An Overview

India Food

There are innumerable good restaurants in Delhi offering mouth-watering dishes of india like dosas, dosa, pakoras, rotis, palak dal, chapatis, etc. at affordable prices. Some of the best places to have delicious and authentic Indian food are Sushantheswati Bhavan, Sarojini Nagar, Jan Path, Panti Ghar, Jai Mahal Palace, Panchshri Palace, Shahpura Market, Shaurya Nagar, Shahjahan Road, Indira Nagar, Shahjahan Road, Lodi Colony, Haryana Bhawan Palace, etc. Most of the restaurants at Delhi are situated near the business areas.

The dishes served in restaurants in Delhi are categorized under “Ramasala” category. These dishes include dishes that include rice and vegetables, plain rice with beans, rice cooked in coconut oil, preparation of sweets, etc. Some famous dishes of ramasala include Belal, Bhel Puri, Chilka, Gulabi Roti, Hyderabadi Roti, Punjabi Rice, Ram Biryani, Sambarthi, and many more. These dishes are not only popular among Indian people but they are also known world wide. Some famous food centers of Delhi such as City View, Belle View Shopping Center, Jauhari Bazaar, Lodi Colony, Barakhamba Road, Vasant Vihar, Shahjan Nagar, Satara Restaurant, Lodi Colony,aret’s Restaurant, Smile, etc are the best selling restaurants of Delhi. Some famous eateries of Delhi are Tandoori Restaurant, Barista Restaurant, Sarojini Nagar, Laplace Restaurant, Moti Mahal, Mughal Restaurant, Air Taxi, Auto Transport, etc.

Delicious Indian Dishes

India Food

At Delhi’s posh restaurants there are a variety of dishes of all taste. Some famous dishes of india are Samosa, Chapatti, Kabra, Murg Patra, Curry, Kabra, Meetha, Katli, Halwa, Pickles, Vada Pav, etc. In Delhi the major thing is to find a restaurant that is not only good looking but also serves delicious food. Most of the famous restaurants in Delhi serve English food. The most popular dishes of india are rice, dosa, mutton, chicken, rotis, pudina, etc. One can find good restaurants of Delhi in all areas.

Some of the top spas in Delhi are Belle View Shopping Center, Sarojini Nagar, Ramlum Park, Indira Nagar, Fort Church Palace, City View, Haldiram’s Restaurant, Janpath, Himalayan Restaurant, etc. In Aligarh, a famous restaurant is Suresha Restaurant. These are some of the places that have won many awards for their dishes of India. Some dishes of India have made it to the International Cooking Festivals such as Best Desert Restaurant and Best Chef.

A major dish of india is chicken and the best part is that there are numerous chicken dishes of India. You can have chicken tikka masala, chicken kebabs, plain or sauted chicken, mutton kabobs, fried chicken, kebabs with coriander, etc. There are numerous other types of chicken dishes of India like mutton biryani, biryanis and curries.

In the End

Some of the famous desserts of India are coconut rice pudding, rice cake and chocolate cakes. Some of the deserts of India are chocolate chai, raisin chai, sesame seeds rich tea, kulfi saag, pulav or rasam, etc. In north india the famous dessert is red chillies. You can have red chillies with dessert. To prepare these delicious desserts of India use the traditional methods such as grating, rubbing and stretching. Use of new age spices such as cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, cloves and pepper makes these desserts more appetizing.

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