Delicious Top Ten Filipino Food In The World

Delicious Top Ten Filipino Food In The World

When it comes to knowing the top ten Filipino food in the world, most people think of the Philippines itself. You can find a lot of great foods all over the world but with over eight hundred islands, you will find that there is good food to fit every taste. So here are some of the top food in the world that you should be aware of.

Delicious Top Ten Filipino Food In The World
Delicious Top Ten Filipino Food In The World

Tofin de Mayon (shrimp croquettes) – Tofin de Mayon is a favorite of many Filipinos. It originated in Mindanao and has become one of the most popular ways to eat shrimp in the Philippines. This type of food has its origins in central Spain, where it was used to make crackers, sandwiches, pastries, and bread.

Top Ten Filipino Food

Potage Arrosto (Coleslaw-like soup) – Norte Arrosto is one of the many southern Philippine dishes that is made with cabbage and potatoes. It was originally used as a side dish or for cooking, but it has become quite popular in the north as well. It comes from northern Vietnam and is now quite popular in the southern parts of the Philippines.

Alamain and Sabi (Honey delectable soup- a Filipino invention) – A napolitana family recipe, Alamain and Sabi, can be a bit expensive, but it is a soup that almost anyone can afford. It can come in many variations but is usually served with rice. It is a simple soup that has a bit of vinegar-based seasonings like ginger, garlic, chili, soy sauce, salt, sugar, and vinegar. This dish is said to have originated in Mindanao, but no one really knows where exactly it came from.

Filipino Food

Bulacan and Chinese Delight – Bulacan is a province of the Philippines, and it has some amazing food for all to try. It can be found in most of the high-end markets around the country. Bulacan is made up of a few islands and is very popular among ex-pats and tourists who come to the Philippines.

The Chinese Delight – This is an old favorite for many Filipinos. The Chinese Delight is a short-grained wok that is used to cook rice. Most often this is accompanied by sauces like Chinese mustard and Chinese soy sauce.

Manila Laksa – It is also called “Maga Bo,” and it originated in Mindanao. This is a very spicy Malaysian dish made with chicken, pork, beef, and fish. It is cooked in coconut milk and is served with spices like chilies, cinnamon, cloves, and tomatoes.

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Kalinga – A sweet rice pudding dish, Kalinga is a treat for both young and old. It is typically served in wooden bowls and eaten as part of a celebration. Kalinga is made with mashed and pounded brown rice, butter, sea salt, sugar, and malt vinegar.

Acai berry juice – This juice is made with acai berries and can be a health tonic. Acai berries are rich in fiber and antioxidants. The acai berry is not only used for its health benefits but also as a great digestive aid.

Tamarindo – The tamarind is from the South-east of India, and it is used to make tamarind juice. This is quite similar to the red grape juice.

Bottom Line

Delicious Top Ten Filipino Food In The World
Delicious Top Ten Filipino Food In The World

Puncak di pisok – A delicacy of the Philippines, puncak is made from a type of sticky rice. The rice is normally cooked in butter and hot oil. The result is a chewy sweet-flavored rice cake that can be a bit difficult to eat.

There are hundreds of Filipino foods out there, and the ones listed above are just a few of the favorites that most Filipinos love to eat. Hence, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can now learn about all the top ten Filipino food in the world.

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