Dynasty Chinese Cuisine In Beverly Hills And Los Angeles

dynasty chinese cuisine

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine, found in Toronto, Ontario, is a genuine Chinese restaurant with an extensive menu focusing on traditional Chinese cuisine, including dim sum, stir-fry, seafood, and chicken. Whether you’re in the mood for steamed vegetables, seafood, or General Tso’s chicken, Dynasty Chinese Cuisine provides a variety of authentic Chinese fare for everybody in your family. Suppose you enjoy taking pictures of the food. In that case, there is also award-winning photography by talented professional photographers that you will be able to use as wall hangings or for your home.

Large Menu

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What is so alluring about Dynasty Chinese Food? The first and most obvious attraction is the large menu that encompasses all things Chinese. This includes dim sum, dumplings, stir-fried vegetables, Chinese greens, meats, seafood, chicken dishes, vegetarian dishes, desserts, and even dessert recipes! Over forty-five different dim sum types to choose from, including favorites like Peking Duck, Boiled Rabbit, Spring Rolls, Long Rice, and Fried Duck. Not to mention the numerous dipping options available, such as Cantonese Chicken Rice or Chili Crab.

Duck Fried Rice

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As a matter of personal preference, I enjoyed the duck fried rice offered at the restaurant. I have to say, and there were many other dishes that I enjoyed, including the various meat dishes and desserts. The staff was very friendly and polite and helped me make my selections easily.

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine serves “Chinese American” style foods. Unlike many restaurants, this one has an extensive menu that features American Chinese food made with authentic Chinese ingredients. For instance, the featured dish, Chow mein, is a combination of shrimp, crab, tofu, broccoli florets, and vegetables. It is served on top of steamed white rice. If you order Chow mein, you can ask for it to be prepared with ginger carrots to enhance the flavor.

Double Decker Tasty Buffet

Another popular option is the Double Decker Tasty Buffet. This restaurant has a variety of different options, including meat, seafood, poultry, vegetarian, and several vegetarian options. Some of their entrees include Double Decker BBQ, a beef and vegetable dinner, and Double Decker Macaroni and Cheese. If you order one of these entries, you can also get it with Peanut Butter Chicken and Brownie. Other entrees include Double Decker Vegetarian, Foaming Buddha, and Big Buddha.

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine has many locations in Los Angeles, including Hollywood and Santa Monica. Unfortunately, this restaurant did not have a location in our city until several years ago. The location was a great addition to the area because of its casual atmosphere and the large selections of food. The decor of the restaurant was very pleasant and comforting, as well as having many specialty items. Some of their most popular dishes include the Bread Loaf, Chargrilled duck, and Chow mein. Other foods include the Fried Duck, BBQ Chow Mein, and Chargrilled shrimp.

They Feature Season Dishes

One of the unique features of the Dynasty Chinese Cuisine restaurant is that they feature seasonal dishes. They offer duck and seafood throughout the year, but their main focus is on spring and summer months, featuring delightful dishes like shrimp and lobster and the Shrimp and Pepper Steak. Many of these restaurants are located along Rodeo Drive, so you will not be far from other famous restaurants.

Final Words

There are many different reasons to enjoy Dynasty Chinese cuisine. Suppose you are looking for a restaurant that offers an interesting array of meals. In that case, you should try the Dynasty Chinese restaurants in Beverly Hills and Culinary Institute of America in Los Angeles. Dynasty offers a low price, and the food is definitely worth the money. You will not find a more enjoyable or impressive Chinese restaurant than the Dynasty restaurants in Beverly Hills and LA. You will also be surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in the country, making your experience one of the most amazing Chinese restaurants that you have ever been to.

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