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enjoy chinese cuisine

Love Chinese but cannot go to restaurants to enjoy the succulent Chinese recipes due to covid? Then look no farther, come to Enjoy Chinese Cuisine restaurant. They have ample recipes that will feed your tastebuds and won’t cost you more.

To learn more about this restaurant dedicated to Chinese cuisine, read further.

About Enjoy Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

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This restaurant is in West Jordan, United States, serving Chinese delicacies to the citizens of the US. It was also ranked 3rd in Best Cheap Eats, and Budah once celebrated New Year here. The reason is these specialties of the restaurant.


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They have mouth-watering appetizers to increase your hunger more. For starters, you can order egg rolls with veggies and signature sauce. Crispy spring rolls, cream cheese wonton, potstickers, coconut shrimp, honey BBQ pork, and more are on the menu.

Everything is made fresh, and the price is affordable too.

Lunch Menu

For lunch, you can rely on these options:

Fried rice with ham

Sour soup

Teriyaki Chicken

Orange chicken

Chicken with broccoli

Cashew nut Chicken

Options are endless with different meat choices like beef, pork, and shrimp in seafood. Pho Beef, Teriyaki chicken noodle, and pan-fried noodles are also on the menu for those who love noodles.

And it does not stop here; customers can enjoy noodle soups with different combinations like shrimp, chicken, beef, and more. Great salad options such as Chinese chicken salad, fresh mixed green, and lettuce wrap are available.

Vegetarian Options In Enjoy Chinese Cuisine

Don’t worry if you are vegetarian; the restaurant has options for you as well. The menu lists vegetable delight, buddha supreme, steamed vegetables that are served with steamed rice.

Other than these, the restaurant has Mongolian, Szechuan, and Mushu wraps as well.

Chef Special

If you want to taste something special, then try the chef’s special recipes. What is on the menu? Teriyaki chicken, Orange, lemon chicken, General Tso’s chicken, pineapple chicken, twice-cooked pork.

If you love shrimp, then try the orange shrimp. Chicken with mushroom is one of the best recipes. A new dish, Pon Pon chicken, is a must-try recipe for the new customers. Others on the list are sizzling combo platter, island spicy shrimp, dragon, and phoenix.

The list is endless here. So, go and get your favorite Chinese dish. If you can’t drive to the restaurant, then avail of their order and pick services.

You can order online whatever you want; just pick the recipe and place an order. If the status shows red, then it’s in progress, and you have to wait a little more. Green means the order is ready, and you can enjoy the recipe.

All the dishes are prepared with care and fresh ingredients. The taste is one of its kind here, and thus this restaurant is famous among people. Not only from West Jordan but other parts of the country also drive to this eatery.

So, if you ever drive near to enjoy Chinese cuisine, then you must order your lunch from here.

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