Enjoy Fortune House Chinese Cuisine in Chandler

fortune house chinese cuisine

Fortune House Chinese Cuisine is one of the oldest restaurants in the Valley. In its early days, Fortune House was located at the corner of Spring Canyon Road and W. Main Street in Chandler, Arizona. A short drive from Chandler’s downtown area, it was one of only three Chinese restaurants open at that time, along with a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine in Phoenix, and a Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale.

As the years passed by, Chinese cuisine was brought over from China to different parts of the world, and as time passed, the popularity of this cuisine grew throughout the U.S. But it never left the Valley. After a long time and plenty of trying, the owners finally decided to open the doors to the public. Fortune House Chinese Cuisine now serves Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Italian food, and is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the Valley.

Great Atmosphere

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The atmosphere at Fortune House has relaxation and serenity and is perfect for anyone who wants to experience Chinese food. This restaurant is a combination of traditional Chinese cuisine and American food and it is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Chandler that offers both types of dishes. The menu consists of everything you would expect from a Chinese restaurant and includes appetizers, soups, Chinese delicacies, steamed vegetables and meats, desserts, salads, and wraps.

The Ambiance Is Great

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When ordering your food at Fortune House, you will notice a large buffet line in front of the restaurant. You may have to wait a while to get seated, but once you do, you will enjoy your meal and the ambiance of this restaurant. Each table has its own personal server, and your tablemates will often bring your food to your table as well.

The dining area at Fortune House features an assortment of dining options and each of the dining choices is unique. You can find tables facing the pool or tables facing a beautiful window overlooking the mountains. Or you can find an open dining room facing the street. If you have children, Fortune House has a kids’ menu.

The decor in Fortune House is very simple, yet elegant. There are a variety of tables with large wood and stone tops, beautiful fabrics, and wallpaper on the walls. Some tables are even covered with marble, and they look absolutely wonderful.

Wide Cooking Area

Another highlight of the dining experience at Fortune House is the decor of the kitchen. The large cooking area has a large sink, an oven, a refrigerator, and a microwave. Everything used for preparing meals is displayed prominently in the kitchen, and guests can watch the chef make their dishes as they eat.

If you love Chinese food, you will be pleased with the service you receive at Fortune House Chinese Cuisine and you will want to visit this restaurant again. It is a great place to enjoy delicious Chinese food at reasonable prices while sipping some fine Chianti wine. Chianti is a sparkling white wine, and it is produced in the hills of the Tuscany region of Italy. Chianti is one of the most expensive wines available, and it is very expensive to make. Many people go to Chianti to enjoy the exquisite flavor and the price, but few people actually know that it is a wine that is produced in Tuscany.

Eat Good Food With Best Quantity

Fortune House Chinese Cuisine, like all of the other Fortune House restaurants, offers delicious lunch every day. The lunch is served in a casual atmosphere, and it is usually served by a waiter who greets you, places your order, and then leaves to take care of whatever else needs to be done.

You can choose between a two or three-course meal at Fortune House Chinese Cuisine. You can order a choice of four to five items and some appetizers. You will usually find that the portions are quite generous, especially if you order appetizers. The prices at the buffet tables are also very reasonable.

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