Everything You Need To Know About Pings Chinese Cuisine

ping's chinese cuisine

Pinging’s Chinese Cuisine is located at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way in Dayton, Ohio. I love this place for many reasons. It is very reasonably priced and the food is fantastic! The portions are generous, the prices are reasonable and it has a great variety of both Chinese dishes and American dining fare. There is very little casual dining here so if you want to grab a couch and a bottle of wine you won’t be leaving any of your more scrumptious Chinese dishes.

About Ping’s Chinese Cuisine

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Ping Ping’s Chinese Cuisine is a relatively new establishment but already the food is making a name for itself. Owner Paul Pings is originally from Fujian province but now lives in Sarasota, FL. He moved to Sarasota when he was twenty-one years old and has been enjoying his Chinese cuisine ever since. Like many young couples, they hit the local bars and nightclubs and noticed a big difference between the styles of food being served there versus what we usually order in the United States. At first, they just wanted to do a “taste test” of sorts but when they learned that this local restaurant had a huge selection of different foods and a wonderful happy customer service attitude, they decided to open up their own establishment.

They started by making a few basic dishes that are usually offered at most of the Chinese restaurants in the area: beef & vegetables, egg rolls, fried wontons, & Fried chicken. As they were making these, they also decided to include some of their popular southern-inspired dishes such as peach cobbler & peach dumplings. This was a good thing because as the popularity of these dishes grew they realized that many people wanted them as well but simply could not find the time or energy to go out to a restaurant to get them. Plus, this is a fun way to get to try all of these famous southern inspired dishes that are typically not offered in your average Chinese restaurant.

Ping’s Offers Huge Variety Of Dishes

A plate of food on a table

With more than thirty-five years of experience in the Chinese food business, Ping’s didn’t think it was necessary to change the name of their famous dishes. Instead, they just added a few new names to give it a whole new look and to make everything a lot more fun and exciting for their customers. Of course, this was not an option for anyone with a genuine affection for the Chinese food culture and heritage. So they kept the names the same and just changed the packaging. They named it “Ping’s Chinese Cuisine” to help distinguish it from the other restaurants & give it a more distinguished feel.

In keeping with traditional Chinese customs, the Pinyin system was utilized in creating the translations of Chinese names. This system translates names in several different Chinese alphabets based on their original sounds. For example, when the name Yang Zhen (Great Buddha) is translated literally into English, it actually has the sound of Kua (C) and Zhen (H). If you were to translate the name of any of these characters into English, you would have to remove the first K sound, as well as add an additional S sound to the end of the name. Therefore, instead of saying” Yang Zhen “you would say “Kua Zhen”, which sounds much more pleasant and more appropriate. It also made the dish sound more authentic.

Hallmark Of Ping Pong Restaurants

Another hallmark of Ping Pong restaurants is their freshness. All of the ingredients used are made from very fresh ingredients that are then stored in wood barrels or plastic refrigerators. The food is also prepared by using very fresh spices, condiments, & vegetables to provide you with a truly authentic Asian dining experience.

Final Thoughts

Some of the classic dishes at Ping Pong restaurants include Spicy Tofu, Braised Duck Breast, Hand tossed Sesame Chicken, & various marinated dishes with Chinese ingredients. If you were to order lunch from the restaurant, you can also enjoy complimentary desserts such as fresh fruit slices or fresh cupcakes. Since the restaurant prides itself on providing “quality food and service” to its customers, they even offer a special four-hour dinner option that incorporates a traditional Chinese dinner.

While some people may find it too expensive to frequent Ping Pong restaurants on a regular basis, if you are feeling like a vacation, you can book a package for your entire family. You can even get a group package, so that you can take advantage of the many different attractions offered at Disney. The price is reasonable, and the food & beverage packages include food & beverage for everyone in your group. It is definitely worth considering!

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