Famous Cuisines And Their Traditions

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Most food lovers love to eat many of the famous cuisines in the world. However, what they do not understand is that a majority of these cuisines have many variations and are also originated from different countries. To be specific, several cuisines have been named as the “tradition of ancient India,” which include the region’s dishes.

Famous Cuisines And Their Traditions
Famous Cuisines And Their Traditions

Famous Cuisines

There are other cuisines that are of Asian origin, which were introduced to different parts of Asia, and then to the other parts of the world. For example, while the staple of Chinese cuisine is a soup made from a combination of fish and vegetables, the Westerners adopted the dish of steak with pork as their national dish.

Then again, there are many dishes in which one could find the “tradition of famous cuisine” and it is the form of food that has been practiced for many years now. Here are some of them:

Vietnamese Pho

Vietnam’s famous food is a broth soup with herbs and spices and is very popular all over the world. It is believed that this famous food has been practiced by the Vietnamese for centuries.

Thai Curry

This is another famous dish in Thailand and is a curry made of tofu and coconut milk. Also, there are different kinds of condiments used for the cooking of this dish including tamarind and lime juice.

Indian Chana Dal

This is the most popular and most spicy food in India. It is very similar to the curry that is made in Thailand. A typical form of this dish is to cook lamb on a skewer and serve it with a curry and pickle on top.

Malaysian Curry

The Malaysian Curry is a curry cooked with coconut milk and yogurt. It has the characteristic taste of coconut and cream. Indonesian Curry is an Indonesian cuisine not only famous because of its food but also because of its “tradition of the rich.” The rich Indonesians are the ones who created their version of their famous dishes with the help of spices, such as red pepper and salt, and with the addition of different kinds of ingredients such as coconut milk and coconut water.

Indian Mung Dal

This is an Indian dish and is a type of spicy Punjabi dish. Indian cuisine has so many varieties that make the dish unique in each part of the world.

Chicken Curry

Another favorite of the people is the Pakistani dish called Chicken Curry. This dish is made from chicken and contains spices and sweet herbs that are used for cooking.

Spanish Cuisine

Spain’s famous cuisine is very much enjoyed by most of the people in the world. All the Spanish dishes have been served for many years already and that is the reason why many cultures have adapted this cuisine, even though it is a bit complicated to understand the cooking techniques.

Asian Cuisines Are Good And Tasty
Famous Cuisines And Their Traditions

Bottom Line

These are just some of the many famous cuisines that have made their mark on the world. So, if you think you want to try out the dishes of your favorite country, why not try trying the dishes of its famous cuisine?

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