Famous Filipino Dishes – A Brief List Of It

famous fillipino dishes

If you are fond of Filipino cuisines, it is quite likely that you have heard about the famous Fillipino dishes. These recipes are so popular that they are being served at various dining establishments in the region as well as some restaurants. But how did the Fillipino people create their recipes? How did they come up with some of the most mouth-watering dishes that can be enjoyed by every type of people? The answer to this question lies in the history of the Philippines and its people. It is due to this fact that you can find the Fillipino dishes in the traditional Filipino culture.

An Overview

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The history of the Filipino cuisine is quite interesting. It is primarily because of the fact that the Philippines was under Spanish colonial rule for most of the time. The Spaniards introduced a lot of stuff in the Philippines, among these were the Chinese, Dutch and even the Portuguese. With all these foreign ingredients, the locals struggled to adapt to these new types of dishes. To avoid them from completely losing their distinct flavors, the native Filipinos introduced a system of creating unique and original dishes.

One of the famous Fillipino dishes is called the Malayas or the rice porridge. You will never hear this term used for the typical fillipino breakfast unless you have eaten the variety. This dish usually contains steamed white rice, which is then flavored with whichever fillipino flavor is preferred. The one flavor that is commonly added to white rice is that of banana. Sometimes, however, the rice is also made with mango or vinegar. A particular version of the Malayas rice porridge is known to contain coconut oil.


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Another famous Fillipino dish is the Manapua. This is a stew of meat, vegetables and sometimes fruits, simmered together. For it to be authentic, you must make sure that you are using the freshest of ingredients. The ingredients are best fresh. A typical Manapua can contain chicken, pork, beef and sometimes even ham.

Another filling for the fillipino stomach is the plus or Manapua soup. This soup is made by mixing vegetables with chicken broth. The most common ingredients for pupils are cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs and salt.

Filipino cuisine has a long standing history and in fact has been famous for a very long time now. In fact, the country was founded by Christopher Columbus back in 1520. As a result of the Spaniards’ voyage, the locals came to be known as “Puwes” or” whipping boys”. They were employed by the sailors in return for helping them in their job, which was to whip oars. In Manila, the locals are known as “Manilays” and they are also known to be fond of roasting pig meat.

Chicken Dish

A type of dish that is considered to be Filipino food is the Chinese chicken dish, which is commonly served during festivals and special occasions. It is made by using boneless chickens, onions and spices that give it a sweet and spicy flavor. Other popular Chinese chicken dishes include the lengis and the dim sum.

Filipino cuisine has many versions that have been perfected over time. Some are more popular than others. Because of this, authentic fillipino food is hard to find. When you do find authentic Fillipino food, you will probably be eating it at a traditional Filipino feast which celebrates family and friends. You will most likely enjoy this food so much that you’ll want to cook it yourself.

The Speciality

Filipino food is mostly centered on rice. The rice is first made fluffy then cooked in water or cooked in an iron pot over coals. It is then served with vegetables and meats. A typical meal may consist of rice, fish, pork and other Filipino delicacies.

Another important staple of Filipino food is Laksa. Laksa is a coconut soup. It is prepared by mixing coconut milk with water and then boiling it. The result is a thick soup with soft rice. This Laksa is served with fruits, vegetables and meat. Typical foods served with Laksa include fried calamari, pork and chicken salsas and sweet potatoes.


Other famous Filipino dishes include the traditional Filipino Barong. This dish is a steaming tray that is filled with noodles, vegetables and proteins like ham or chicken. You can eat it with your coffee or tea. Filipinos love to eat this dish anytime.

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