Filipino Cuisine Minus Rice – What Should You Know About The Best Wok Dish

fillipino cuisine minus rice

When the topic of Filipino cuisine arises ‘rice’ is what comes first in everyone’s mind, due to the myth or belief that rice and Filipino cuisine go hand-in-hand. However, this cuisine is not just limited to rice; there exist several recipes of Filipino cuisine minus rice. Though rice is commonly eaten but that does not mean that Filipino cuisine is limited to just rice. Filipino cuisine has prospered from a variety of cultures that sculpted the lavishness of this cuisine. This cuisine style is potpourri or mishmash of various local, zonal, and folk cuisines. The perpetually advancing appetizing traditions are their point to stand out in the crowd. They just need the warrant to eat more and be happy, so in order to add to their contentment, they introduced two more meals in. It is known as ‘merienda’.

Filipino Cuisine vs. Rice

A bowl of salad on a plate

So what about rice and Filipino cuisine? Well, to enrich you with their richness and scrumptious food, let’s talk about ‘Filipino cuisine minus Rice’

To do something enormous in the Philippines is to not try Tusok. The scrummy fried street food jabbed through with a skewer and immersed in a tangy sauce. The category includes fish and squid balls, kwek- kwek, and kikiam. Have heard of Adidas? A shoe? No, in Filipino cuisine it is basically barbecued chicken feet. With not just a unique taste, but with unique names as well. The Filipino cuisine has taken many hearts. Many street foods like Betmax(pig blood), Balut(duck egg with embryo), Isaw(barbecued chicken intestine), Penoy(egg without embryo), Tenga(pig ears), Adodong mani(peanuts), ice candy, Inasal, Banana cue, Sorbetes, etc. These Filipino cuisines minus rice are known to be delicious. With these mouth-watering food Filipino cuisine minus rice is not ended, there is more to the cuisine than just rice.

Filipino Cuisine Minus Rice – Main Dishes In The Cuisine

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Let’s go to some Plancit and Ulam or main dishes, and explore the platter –

The alluring La Paz Batchoy is a must in a Filipino cuisine minus rice. The beguiling pork, beef, chicken, and noodles can make you eat more than you can. Fried lumpia is inviting the Philippines version of Chinese impel ‘egg rolls’. Lechon is an unauthorized national dish out there. We will know why it is called so when we see broiled suckling pig with delectable skin. Well, Sinigang is what is required to calm your taste buds.

Popular Desserts In The Filipino Cuisine

How can one finish their meal without a dessert?

Well, as we know Filipino cuisine is greatly influenced by other cultures, eating Turron will justify it. It is a European influenced bar of cashew nuts with a white wafer. While trying different mishmash one must try ‘Halo-Halo’, this refreshing dessert will increases the taste in your mind and mouth. For the ones with a sweet tooth, a Cassava cake is a treat.


Overall one can experience various cultures with a twist in the Filipino cuisine. Not only is it new and different but is also flavorsome. Its attractive names and looks pull people towards it and one can resist its temptation and the sizzling sensation in the mouth. From a totally different culture to a familiar one, Filipino cuisine helps your taste buds ride on both these trails and that too with a golden experience.

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