Five Amazing Indian Foods

Indian Food: Five Amazing You Must Taste

India is famous for its diversity around the world. Every state in India has a different culture, different sets of languages, and different food styles. India is a county, which has different varieties when it comes to food. India has various dishes depending upon the state. Indian foods are healthy as well as nutritious.

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Five Amazing Indian Foods

Amazing Indian Food

  • Aloo puri
  • Kofta
  • Idli
  • Dosa
  • Hilsa fish curry
  • Hara Bhara kebab
  • Rajma with rice
  • Kashmiri dum aloo
  • Dal makhani
  • Dhokla
  • Vada pav and there are many more.

Five Amazing Indian Foods

Indian food is famous for flavors and spices. Indian food is rich in color and has a delicious taste. Here are five amazing Indian food that one should taste whenever he visits India:

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Five Amazing Indian Foods

Indian Food: Kofta

Usually, by kofta, one understands meatballs, but in India, kofta has vegetarian varieties. Its veggie versions often incorporate kofta made with mixed vegetables or potatoes or lentils. Kofta generally served or given with gravy and spicy curry. Its sauce is creamy that may consist of butter or cream.

Idli: The Typical South Indian Food

Idli is a south Indian dish, but it is famous in the whole of India. People from north to south love idli. Idli is enjoyed with chutney and Sambhar. One can have it with masala veggies or can eat it plain.

Plain idlis are gentle in taste; a sauce is essential for it, but if one wants to eat it plain, then he should. Idlis generally served with sambar. Sambar varies in a great way by individual taste and region. Various sorts of chutney, based on coconut or onion that is coconut chutney or onion chutney, serve idli.

Hilsa Fish Curry

This fish curry, eaten more primarily in Bengal. Hilsa fish curry, eaten or is made on special occasions such as on festivals and feasts. Therefore, if one visits west Bengal in India during the festival seasons, then they might try Hilsa fish curry.

Hilsa fish curry is made or cooked with red chili powder, ginger paste, onion, garlic slices, and turmeric. If the Hilsa fish is covered with salt, then it can keep for a longer duration. The dish is fried with oil of soybean.


Dhokla is a Gujarati dish generally eaten in breakfast. To be sure, it comes amongst the most adaptable Gujarati snacks. A few types of Dhokla made with several oat grains. Hence, this dish has a delicious taste, and if you are going to visit Gujarat, then try it, taste good.

Masala Dosa

Masala dosa produced using aged rice and dal. This dish is a crispy, super-thin, and savory pancake folded over a blend of curried potatoes, spices, and onion. The dish is famous in Sri Lanka and in south India. This delicious dish presented with chutney and sambar.

It is most appropriate for lunch or breakfast. In India, many southern cities are famous for many evolved dosa recipes. Hence, if one visits south India, try the masala dosa. It tastes great, and one can find numerous varieties in dosa in south Indian cities.

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