Five Things You Should Know About Chinese Cuisine

chopsticks chinese cuisine

Although there are many restaurants in the US that specialize in Chinese food, few offer the same quality and value as those that serve authentic Chinese cuisine – and those who can claim such titles are few and far between. For such a niche market, few restaurants are as challenging and as rewarding as the one in San Francisco’s Chinatown. The restaurant was started in 1990 by two Chinese American men who wanted to provide a more American Chinese cuisine and atmosphere to their guests. Today, it serves up some of the best Chinese food of any kind in the world.

Chinese Food: Main Course or Side Dish – Whatever is on the menu, the focus at this restaurant is on quality ingredients and top-quality food. Fried rice, crab cakes, stir-fries, lamb – the selection is seemingly endless. A popular side-order is dim sum, which comes in a variety of flavors such as honey, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and so many others. Another favorite is the soba, which is a white porridge that is served with vegetables and meat. It is also served with a sweet dipping sauce.

Chopsticks Chinese Cuisine

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Chopsticks – Chinese usage of chopsticks go back several centuries. It was first used during the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century. In modern Chinese culture, it is still quite popular – especially amongst the younger generation, as they are used for eating noodles, meats, fruits, vegetables, and sweets. Chopsticks can be either long or flat and are usually held between the fingers or between the palms of the hands.

Drinks And Alcohol – Although a very important aspect of Chinese food, not many people in the Western world are aware of the fact that alcohol is banned in China – except for specialty wines. But you can get wine here. You can get beer, too, but the quality is a bit lacking. Most Asian cultures frown on alcohol, but in China, it is a must. If you really want to try Chinese food without having to worry about offending the Chinese community, just don’t drink.

The Noodle Soup – A very popular dish in Chinese cuisine, the noodle soup is made of noodles and vinegar. The word “noodle” is actually an abbreviation for the phrase” noodles and rice”. These noodles are simmered and mixed together. This is then flavored with ginger, scallions, soy sauce, and red pepper flakes. Noodle soup is very popular all over the world.

Desserts – The desserts in Chinese cuisine are quite astounding. They range from being extremely thin like dumplings to huge cakes. The variety of desserts available is almost unending. They are mainly meant to feed the hungry.

A Much Ado

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Food To Be avoided – Some of the food Chinese people do serve is quite spicy. They use hot peppers, ginger, and garlic. Although these spices are used sparingly, they are extremely strong. So you should definitely avoid these when you visit China.

Dishes To Avoid – Although chopsticks are often served with these dishes, these should be avoided at all costs. The first one is the chicken rice, which is made by mixing cooked white rice with some chicken pieces. The other is the fish balls, which are made of fish eggs – not to be confused with the omelets that the Chinese people make. The egg white is mixed with wine and vinegar and tastes horrible. The balls are also served with raw vegetables.

Tea Time – Chinese cuisine is famous for its tea time. chopsticks are thrown away after they are used. At least half the tea is consumed before it is tossed away. Chinese people drink tons of tea, so try to keep your serving small!

Food To Eat – If you are Chinese and plan to eat in Chinese restaurants, be aware that these are always served in the home version of the restaurant. The real taste of Chinese food is lost in translation. So ask for the main course meal when dining out in a Chinese restaurant.

Bottom Line

Chopsticks are a very important part of Chinese cuisine. If you want to experience authentic Chinese food, then you should definitely try Chinese food. Just remember to be careful about your chopsticks and don’t throw them into a fire. Keep them away from hot steam. And above all, have fun!

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