Foods Of North Korean Cuisine

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North Korean cuisine is considered as one of the best in the world. The North Korean people have been trying to perfect their culinary skills for centuries. The best way to enjoy the food is to try it yourself. There are many restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores that offer you the chance to try their amazing food.

North Korea is indeed a country on the border of East Asia, comprising the northern portion of the Korea Peninsula. It’s bordered on the south by South Korea and to the north by China. Some recipes are shared between the two Koreas. In North Korea, it is said that the “Green Tea Soup with Pork and Scallops” is a national dish while in South Korea the dish is called “Udon.”

Meat And Vegetables Are Common Ingredients

A bowl of food on a table

In North Korean cuisine, meat is usually the main ingredient. While it may sound odd, the pork and scallops are the prime examples of meats used. The other types of meat that are used are those that are too tough to cook or eat on their own. These include duck, pheasant, rabbit, horse, catfish, fish, frogs, dogs, turtles, and frogs. All these animals are considered delicacies in North Korean cuisine.

Korean cuisine is known for its use of a variety of vegetables. For example, cabbage, carrots, parsley, cabbage leaves, and beans are common vegetables used in North Korean cuisine. When using these vegetables, the best way to eat them is to chew them.

The secret of North Korean cuisine lies in its use of fermented ingredients. These are ingredients that are cooked for several months or years then are stored until they are used in cooking.

Some Famous North Korean Cuisine

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One of the best North Korean dishes is the famous Chonmyojin. This dish is made from cabbage leaves, potatoes, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, and garlic powder.

Many North Korean foods use soy sauce as a condiment. Soy sauce is a natural sweetened with sugar. Some people add sugar because it enhances the taste of their food. Soy sauce is one of the main ingredients of Chinese cuisine.

If you have been wondering what to eat during your trip to North Korea, this article is meant for you! Check out some of their unique recipes.

Spicy foods are often included in North Korean cuisine. Spicy foods include things like: the chili-garlic paste, which is mixed with water to make a thick paste. People use this paste to rub on their mouths and lips and then use it to burn their tongues.

Unique Features Of North Korean Cuisine

North Korean food items are often prepared in advance. They prepare their food so that it can be eaten later. This means that some dishes are served raw and are not even reheated at all. Some people even prepare meals that are cooked in advance and then reheat the food once they arrive back home.

Some North Korean dishes use vegetables that are dried. The dried vegetables are added to soups and sauces, for example. A popular type of dish is the Choksoo, a stew with dried seaweed and fish. Dried seaweed is used as a thickener in soups to give it thickness and flavor.

In North Korean cuisine, rice is often served as the main staple. Some dishes have fish, vegetables, and seafood as side items. Some people also eat brown rice that they boil in water and serve it as a side dish instead of white rice.


This article was designed to give you some information about some of the most interesting foods that are commonly used in North Korean dishes. Now go and try some of these delicious dishes!

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