Four Delicious South Indian Cuisine To Try At Least Once

south indian cuisine

Foodies are the most advantageous souls who love to taste various dishes without considering the cultural barriers.  India, a land of exotic spices, is world-famous for its goluptious foods. It’s south Indian food variants are replete with an indigenous flavour that will charm the taste buds of all the foodies around the world. If you are considering to taste some of the quality dishes made in India, then consider trying these South Indian cuisine dishes-


This is one of the tastiest South Indian cuisine items. This dish makes a perfect dinner. This is very light on your stomach. This item is served with coconut paste and sambar for a heightened taste. One piece of dosha is enough to keep your tummy full. The dosha is stuffed with delicious mashed potato mixed with various veggies and spices. Truly a delicious dish to try!


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If you are looking for a perfect breakfast item in the range of South Indian cuisine. Then you must try it out. Not only in south India, but uttapam is famous in other parts of the world. In fact, apart from the entire India, the dish is highly loved by foodies around the world. This dish is highly nutritious. You can easily prepare this dish at your house without any hassle. It is an instant made dosh that you can prepare for a quick hunger quench. 

Idli Sambar

Again a delicious South Indian cuisine is Idli Sambar. Idli is a kind of rice cake that is served with Sambar- a soup-like dish with a tangy and minty zest.  A slice of idli dipped in sambar perfectly stimulates your taste bud and makes you high content with each bite. This is a perfect dish for dinner, brunch, lunch and even for breakfast. This is a light dish that is good for your stomach. You can enjoy this dish for your office house as well. You can also make this dish at home using simple ingredients. Try it out!

Medu Vada

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Is a guest approaching your house, and you are looking for an easy dish to prepare to serve them? Then try the South Indian cuisine of Medu Vada. Vada Recipe is a popular dish Indian dish that has worldwide prominence. This is extremely delicious and can be served with anything. All you need is a mouth that can appreciate the indigenous taste of various dishes. Medu vada is an Indian version of doughnut that is extremely flavourful.  Try out medu vada and experience the exoticness. 

Wrapping Up

So these are the four South Indian cuisine dishes that every foodie must try. Apart from these dishes, you can also consider trying the Rasam recipe, veg kurma, kadala and many more. The list of South Indian cuisine is infinite and you will never be bored of tasting them. So what are you waiting for? Choose one of these recipes and try it out for today’s dinner!

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