Get Familiar With Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food: Delicious Food Items That You Should Try

Vietnamese food isn’t something that involves so many efforts or a lot of complexity. The recipe and preparation of these food items is pretty simple and this is one of the main reasons why they gained such popularity. These items can be made by a road side vendor or by a top class chef, either way they taste great and are perfect in all aspects. The simplicity of these food items is one of the reasons for the popularity of Vietnamese foods. Relish yourself in these tasty food items and enjoy the recipes.

I have compiled a list of tasty Vietnamese food that you should try at least once in your life.

Vietnamese Food: Delicious Food Items That You Should Try
Feasting with family on Vietnamese traditional food


If you have ever been to Vietnam, then you will come across this food a lot. There isn’t one travel destination where you won’t find people slurping the tasty noodles and so many patrons waiting for their turn to taste the noodles. The broth, chicken or pork along with freshly cooked rice noodles make this Pho a perfect dish to eat at any time of the day. This dish is available at an affordable price and you will find it in almost all the Vietnamese based restaurants.

Vietnamese Food: Delicious Food Items That You Should Try
Vietnamese Food: Delicious Food Items That You Should Try

Cao Lau

This Cao Lau is a combination of different culture cuisines. It isn’t limited to the Vietnamese cuisine but you will also get to see the taste of Japan Udon, Chinese broth, wonton crackers and pork. The herbs clearly are related to Vietnamese, the other important items makes it an universal dish. This Cao Lau is completely made from the water drawn from a local well named Ba Le. If you want to taste the authentic dish, then you should pay a visit to Vietnamese once.

Goi Cuon

This is the Vietnamese touch to Chinese spring rolls. They are light and wholesome food that will make you feel good. The rolls are pretty transparent and they are not fried. These rolls have green salad, meat or seafood topped with a layer of fresh coriander leaves. They are dunked in fish sauce, famous condiment in Vietnam.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a crispy crepe filled with pork, bean sprouts and shrimp. The fresh herbs are garnished on top of the crepe and this will surely make your mouth drool. This dish is something that you will fall in love with. If you want to get the real taste of this dish, then cut into slices, roll in any of the rice paper and dunk it into your favorite sauce and eat. You will remember the flavor forever.

Cha Ca

A street in capital city of Vietnam is named as Cha ca. This clearly depicts how famous Cha ca really is. The fried morsels of fish is decorated with garlic, turmeric, ginger and dill. Anyone would love this dish a lot because of its authentic taste. You can find this dish in normal restaurants too but Cha ca is a perfect street food and you will love eating it in the street only.

These are the delicious Vietnamese food items that you shouldn’t miss. Indulge yourself in the taste of Vietnamese cuisine.

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