Handi Paneer Recipe Preparation

Handi Paneer Recipe Preparation

There are lots of special dishes which we all love to eat. In between this handi, paneer is another special dish, which is one of the favorite dishes of mine. You can easily make handi paneer at your home. If you will get the idea that how to make a handi paneer, then it will be easier for you. There are some specific restaurants in which the handi paneer recipe is very much famous. Many people come to eat the handi paneer recipe mainly from far away. Handi paneer is my favorite recipe. So, that’s why I want to try it at my home also.

About Handi Paneer Recipe

Handi paneer is a special dish, which he mainly used for dinner. We can use handi paneer at our lunch also. Handi paneer is a tempted dish which is mainly made by tomatoes and onion laced paneer. You can cut the paneer in slice shape or you can use the paneer with fresh tomato and onion to make it.

Handi Paneer Recipe Preparation
Handi Paneer Recipe Preparation

Ingredients Of Handi Paneer

There are some very important ingredients which we can use to make a handi paneer. Without these ingredients, we can not make perfect handi paneer.Now I am going to describe briefly that which ingredients have been used to make handi paneer, these are:

  • First, you have to take 200 gms of pure and fresh paneer.
  • 2 ginger.
  • ½ tsp chili powder.
  • ½ tsp garam masala powder.
  • 1 or 2 cup water.
  • One fresh tomato.
  • 2 pinches black pepper.
  • 2 coriander leaves.
  • 4 tbsp fresh refined oil.
  • 3 chopped onion.
  • ½ cup of fresh curd.

These above ingredients are very much important. With the help of these items,  you can make a perfect handi paneer recipe, at your home also. You can make the handi paneer, on any occasion. You can give surprises to your guests by making this special recipe.

How To Make Paneer Recipe

You have to pour fresh oil in a handi then, you have to pour the chopped onions on the handi. And make sure the flame will be in medium temperature. After that, you have to low the flame and you have to add two pieces of fresh ginger, turmeric powder, chili powder, then you have to add garam masala and mix well. You have to add this ingredient accordingly in the handi.

 After that to make this recipe more tasty you have to add the chopped tomato and green chilli and keep it in the handi with a low flame. For 10 minutes.

Then you have to add to make your dish more tasty the fresh curd. And you have to mix it until it will be dry. Then Mix salt into it.

Then you have to take half a  cup of water in a bowl. And then mix the panner, and also you have to mix the coriander. You have to cook it until the masala will dry.

At the very end of this cooking,  you have to add pepper and have to remove the handi from the flame. Then you have to pour the mixture in a bowl and serve it with the beautiful decoration of sprinkle leaves , you can spread the sprinkle leaves over the dish, by which it will be seen very beautiful.

Handi Paneer Recipe Preparation
Handi Paneer Recipe Preparation

Key Ingredients

There are some key ingredients, which are very much important at the time of making a handi paneer. With these key ingredients, you can not make the handi paneer. These main ingredients are which you have to use at the timing of making handi paneer. These are:

  • Fresh paneer
  • Tumeric powder
  • Chilli powder
  • Garam masala powder
  • Fresh chopped tomato
  • Water which is the main and very important thing.
  • Coriander leaves which have to be fresh
  • Black pepper
  • Refined fresh oil
  • Chopped fresh onion

And curd you have to add to make the paneer handi paneer more tasty. These above ingredients are very important, with the help of these ingredients you can easily make this special dish at your home, on any occasion also.

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