Host With 7 Delicious Recipes

Holiday Best Recipe: Host With 7 Delicious Recipes

Happy Holidays!

There is nothing better than a proper meal when it comes to guaranteeing an enjoyable holiday. However, even the best of cooks deserve a much-needed break so that they don’t have to wake up before everybody else to make breakfast and set it for the family. This is exactly why we have compiled a list of recipes here that is the perfect fit for a delicious holiday best recipe.

Holiday Best Recipe: Host With 7 Delicious Recipes
Holiday Best Recipe: Host With 7 Delicious Recipes

So, you can wake up late now on your holiday and still have time to whip up a delicious brunch that will leave everyone licking their fingers and asking for more! The best part about these recipes is that they are super easy to make, and even an amateur can pull these off to perfection. So, if you are planning to give your everyday cooking in-charge a well-deserved break, then fret not! We have you covered.

French Toast Casserole

French toast is one of the most well-loved breakfast dishes of all time. Some people love it so much that they can have it for every meal! Capitalize on that and make a casserole out of this favorite. You can bake it the previous night too, thereby saving you precious time.

Coffee Cake- Holiday Best Recipe

Everyone loves a good mug of coffee to kick start their day. Add cake to that, and you have the perfect mix. Simply add cake mix and coffee and leave it to bake, and this masterpiece will be ready. Go innovative with the glazing and wrap up your delicious holiday brunch.

Mushroom And Spinach Tarts

If you’re looking for something Instagram worthy on your brunch, then this is the perfect recipe! Tarts are always a hit at the table. The best part? You can improvise with vegetables of your choice.

Holiday Best Recipe: Host With 7 Delicious Recipes
Holiday Best Recipe: Host With 7 Delicious Recipes

Belgian Waffles- Holiday Best Recipe

Waffles are always an easy save and are the perfect recipe for your brunch. Go classic and serve your Belgian waffles with maple syrup, or add a twist with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.


Everyone loves buttermilk biscuits. However, they are great for a delicious holiday brunch when you can stuff them with anything of your choice. Simply put ham, bacon, cheese, and egg and let your guests build themselves their perfect brunch Sammy!


These are the perfect way to wash down your delicious holiday brunch. Instead of hitting it off with strong drinks, g for these lighter mocktails with any seasonal fruit like mango, peach or pineapple.

Smoothie Bowls- Holiday Best Recipe

If you want to go compact for your delicious holiday brunch, then smoothie bowls are the perfect solution! You can make them any way you want – vegan, gluten-free, tapioca, passionfruit, granola – name almost anything and you can fashion it into a smoothie bowl. Serve with freshly cut fruits on one side for the healthiest brunch ever!

Try your hand at these delicious holiday brunch recipes and leave your guests impressed for the next holiday brunch!

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