How To Choose Haveli Indian Cuisine For Your Buffet

haveli indian cuisine

Authentic Indian cuisine is offered with a smile and some delicious options such as homemade chicken tikka Masala, roti, naan, jars, and many others. You can find the most popular dishes as well as the most authentic ingredients to prepare dishes with.

If you want to sample some of the Indian food selections at Haveli Indian Cuisine, then you must try the Dosa. A delicious thick pancake dish made from rice, chick peas and spices, the dosa is a mouth watering treat. This lunch buffet is part of the Indian meal prep with an additional side of side items such as sesame seeds, mint and saffron. The dosa can be served with plain yoghurt or can be accompanied with some extra spiciness added for a spicy flavor. Spicy curries, chicken or seafood curries are also available.

Best Ingredients

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Besides the cost, another dish that is very popular in Littleton Indian cuisine is the haveli. This thick, baked pastry is very rich in flavor and nutritious. The recipe has been handed down from the Anas yet the modern version adds an extra spice to it. The traditional recipes called for cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and fennel seeds, all these ingredients you can find in the local market. The spices have a strong smell and taste, so you need to strain them before adding them to the batter.

The haveli is really good when served with dessert. A delicious dessert known as the ‘mangoli’ is also served along with the dosa. Mangoli means round puff pastry. You can choose from a variety of ingredients including the traditional ingredients like cashew nuts, walnuts, pine nuts and even raisins. A traditional Indian buffet would not be complete without dessert and the haveli is one of the most popular desserts at the Indian buffets.


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Along with the dosa, the buffet also consists of different kinds of pachadi. These pachadi are also traditional Indian delicacies and are prepared with fruits and vegetables dipped in clarified butter. They are served along with steamed rice and are the perfect way to start your day. You can also select from the range of pachadi that includes the dosas and palaces. These two types of pachadi are different in terms of preparation but are very popular and are usually ordered together in a buffet.

Food With Great Taste

Along with the traditional South Indian cuisine, you will also get a spicy twist in the haveli Indian cuisine. The spices used in this are always hot and are therefore very tasty. For example, the cardamom is ground to a fine powder and is used to impart a sharp, bitter taste to the haveli. Similarly, cumin seeds are roasted until they produce a reddish smoke and are added along with chillies. This makes the flavor extremely aromatic.

As for the meat that is eaten on the buffet table at the Indian restaurants, there are plenty of options. You will find plenty of pork, beef, chicken, lamb and even duck. If you are looking for something unusual or a special starter, you can look forward to finding that at an Indian buffet. For starters, you can choose from starters such as the Samosas, Curry, Kababs, Pickles, Sandwiches, Halwa etc. These are all pretty good tasting delicacies.


The Samosas is perhaps one of the most famous appetizers at the Indian buffets and is especially popular among the teens and young college goers. It consists of thin pieces of bread topped with gravy and served with fresh tandoori masala. In case you are looking for a quick and easy dessert, you can go for the Pudina which is a very thick pancake made of sweet potatoes and flavored with almonds.

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