How to Enhance the Masala in Indian Cuisine

masala indian cuisine

There are so many delicious Indian cuisines that one would have a hard time choosing only one Indian cuisine to eat out for lunch or dinner. The Indian cuisine has grown to be a world famous one. One can get any kind of food that they want here. It is indeed heaven for those who love food and especially for those who love eating out. We will now take a look at the different types of Indian foods that people love to eat on a regular basis.

Chicken Tikka Masala

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One of the most popular Indian cuisines is chicken tikka masala. Chicken tikka masalas is basically a spicy dish made up of thinly sliced, cooked chicken pieces in hot red or black gravy. The gravy used is mostly orange and usually quite thick. The chicken tikka masala normally also contains saffron and is prepared by mixing it with thin cut onions, and spices like cardamom, fennel, and black pepper.

Bhaji is another famous dish of Indian cuisine that is very popular all over the world. This dish is prepared using rice and spices like cardamom, cumin, coriander, and dried red chili. You can also try a delicious dessert of chocolate coated almonds. This dish is best served when accompanied by some mangoes or poppadoms.


Kabhi is an extremely popular South Indian delicacy. It is a fruit salad made of pieces of fresh mangoes, papadoms, and various other fruit dipped in a special sauce. The taste of this fruit salad varies according to region. But in general, it is spicy, tangy, and also has a sweet taste. You can either make it at home or you can buy it from street vendors selling it in different parts of the city.

The meat and its aroma are widely spread across the regions of India. There are many dishes that can be made on the basis of the meat. One such popular dish is biryanis. It is a very tasty dish that originated in the state of Gujarat. This dish is best cooked using ingredients like rice, clarified butter, clarified salt, tomatoes, ginger, and turmeric. You can try this delicious dish at home or while going out to eat.

Kinds Of Curries

There are also many kinds of curries that are made of a variety of ingredients. These are usually spiced and flavoured with different spices. The most popular curries that you can try are those that contain chicken, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, potato, eggplant, and mushrooms. You can also try different kinds of desserts that are made using a variety of ingredients. Some of these are flavored with fruits like mango, apricot, and apple and topped with sugar.

Apart from the traditional Indian food, you can also experiment with the spices in order to improve the taste. You can add more of cinnamon and cloves to your dishes to enhance the taste. Similarly, you can also use cardamom and fennel seeds in order to give you an extra flavour.

Summing Up

You can prepare your own masala if you are aware of the ingredients that are required. You can get all this from the internet. Nowadays, various websites are offering masala recipes. Make sure you read through the ingredients and then cook the dishes that you feel will be the best. Start experimenting with masala Indian cuisine and see how good it can be.

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