Traditional Chinese Dumplings

How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings

Boiled Chinese dumplings are moist in nature and also juicy. When you bite into one piece, the explosion of flavors due to the filling will blow your mind. Follow the recipe to make at your home:

How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings
How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings

Recipe For Chinese Dumplings

Preparation Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours and 20 minutes
Yield: 75-80 dumplings


– Flour, 500 grams (4 cups)
– Water, 2 tablespoons and 1 cup
– Preferable dumpling filling (shrimp and mushrooms, kimchi pork, pork, or lamb with vegetable, etc.)


For Preparing The Dough Of Chinese Dumplings

How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings
How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings

• Take a bowl. Add the flour into it. Now pour in the water over the flour gently. Mix them well with chopstick pair.

• When the water and flour mix thoroughly, dust your hand with little flour and knead it to give a form of dough. The dough should be tough enough so that you are able to lift it from your kneading bowl.

• Now as the dough has formed, spread some flour on the working surface and also apply on your hands. Put the dough on the surface and continue the kneading process until the dough becomes smooth. At least knead for 10 minutes.

• Wash a clean towel for covering. Take the large bowl and dust the bottom of it with flour. Now transfer the smooth dough into it and place the damp towel over to cover the dough. Over it put a plastic wrap or a lid. For 2-3 hours, keep it aside.

• While the dough is kept to rest, it will get soft and will attain smooth texture. Dust the surface again with some flour and put the dough on it. At least for 3-5 minutes knead the dough continuously to harden the dough. Keep it like that for 30 minutes.

• Prepare the fillings of the dumplings

How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings
How You Should Make Chinese Dumplings

For Making The Dumplings

• Apply some flour over your working surface. Put them over the floured surface. Cut off 1/6 of the dough. Cover the rest of the dough with the damp towel.

• With your hand roll the dough making a long stick. Cut it into 12 small dough. Each dough should weigh around 12- 14 grams.

• Dust both sides of all the doughs with flours. Take one small piece of dough and press it to make a round disc. Roll the flat dough with a rolling pin until it becomes like a round sheet. The edge should be thinner than the middle portion. Do the process quickly.

• Now in the center of the wrapper add 1 tbsp of filling. Hold the dumpling and start to seal the edges together. Make sure the dumpling doesn’t fall under the sealing area. Seal the area well and put it aside. Repeat the entire process for all doughs.

For Cooking Boiled Chinese Dumplings

• Take a pot of the boiling water. Put the dumplings into the water, one by one. Stir the water continuously with a spoon until the water starts to boil again. Make sure that dumplings are not sticking to the bottom of the pot. The water should not produce fierce bubbles.

• Don’t remove the dumplings when they just start to float on the water. Instead keep there until they swelled with air. The doughs will become transparent. Transfer the Chinese dumplings in a separate container.

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