Korean Cuisine Recipe – 5 Popular Korean Recipes you Need to Know

Korean Cuisine Recipes

Meta Data: Korean Cuisine Recipe may rank amongst the less popular cuisines in the world, but that does not mean it is less healthy.

Korean meals may not be your favourite, but they are incredibly healthy nevertheless. Due to its less popular, not too many people know about Korean cuisine recipes. But if you are new to this cooking, you may find it a bit different at first, but with consistent practising, perfection is assured. One unique thing about Korean cuisines is that it sometimes needs a lot of ingredients, thus, its spicy nature.

Also, cooking always has more than one way of going about it, so don’t get confused when you come across another method of preparing the same meal. Though some traditional Korean meals are served with local dishes, one can still get served with these dishes using regular plates. Below, we have listed some popular and easy-to-prepare Korean meals you can choose to either buy in restaurants or cook in your house.

List of Five Korean Cuisine Recipe

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1. Kimchi Fried rice Recipe

To come out great with this food, you have to make use of leftover kimchi that has slightly passed its prime. Not just that, also use leftover rice, it makes more sense considering the easy preparation process. If you don’t mind, you can still choose to add pork, thinly sliced beef, ham, or Canadian bacon. For vegetarians, they can choose to add used tofu as a protein source.

2. Korean Fried Dish

This is prepared using the traditional Korean fry pan, which looked bigger than the normal ones we know. The main recipe here is the fresh fish. You can enjoy this meal using soy sauce or a spicy dipping sauce.

3. Tong Dak

This is also called the Korean BBQ Chicken Wings; it is a Korean oven barbecue chicken wings which also goes well with Anju (a drinking snack), picnics, or appetizer. If well prepared, I bet you won’t end eating just one. These days, you can see these foods eaten in South Korea, and most of the time exported to the United States.

4. Instant Pot Korean Beef

There are many ways to prepare this meal. In some villages in Korea, its preparation requires the use of more native kitchen utensils. The preparation process includes gochujang, a classic beef dish, green onions, soy sauce, brown sugar, and bee. It needs just 25 mins of heat pressure until the rice becomes flavorful.

5. Bulgogi Chicken

This is a harder one, as easy as it looks, it is not as easy as ordering it from the nearby Korean restaurant. This meal can make a perfect stand if you do the right thing, and it can be served with kimchi, rice, and other delicious Korean condiments.

Finally, you have to understand that even though Korean meals can be a bit difficult or to prepare, it is one of the best Asian meals you can find in the world. Again, as we have mentioned earlier, there is more delicious Korean mean out there, the ones we just mentioned are the popular ones. So, go out there and explore more of Korean Cuisine Recipe, it is worth the trouble.

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