7 Dishes That Are Foodie’s Dream

Korean Food: 7 Dishes That Are Foodie’s Dream

Be it taste or name, Korean food is unique in comparison to other cuisines. Over time, Koran cuisine has developed a lot. Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular cuisines in the world. If you don’t know much about this cuisine, do not fret. Here I am giving a list of 7 dishes that are an integral part of every Korean dining table.

Korean Food: 7 Dishes That Are Foodie’s Dream
Korean Food: 7 Dishes That Are Foodie’s Dream


If you want a Korean meal that not just tastes good but looks appealing too, then gimbap is your choice. Rice, minced beef, various types of vegetables, and pickled radish are fried together. Then wrap it tightly in laver seaweed and cut into circles.


The invention of Kimchi dated back to almost 2000 years ago. Korean dining is incomplete if this sidekick is not present on the table. It is prepared with preserving the fermented and salted red cabbage, garlic, pepper, ginger, and scallion. Besides this red cabbage Kimchi, you can try the ggakdugi and Yeolmumul. While the first is prepared with chopped radish instead of cabbage, the latter is a tangy soup on which the young stalks of radish float.

Korean Food: 7 Dishes That Are Foodie’s Dream
Korean Food: 7 Dishes That Are Foodie’s Dream


This is a wholesome Korean dish where you can get rice, veggies of different kinds, egg and beef seasoned with chili paste and sesame oil. This savory dish not only makes your stomach full but satisfies your craving as well. You can either make it in your home, or you can have it any Korean restaurants at a reasonable price.


The combination of beer and fried chicken has made chimaek a necessary dish in Korean cuisine. The concoction of both beer and chicken is so alluring that you can’t resist yourself from having it every weekend.

Doenjang Jjigae

One of the most popular foods of South Korea, this stew is prepared with scallions, tofu, Doenjang, mushrooms, and green peppers along with anchovy for an extra kick. You can have rice or Kimchi with a bowl of this stew, and your tummy is happy. However, keep in mind that it has a distinct spiciness that all the people might not like.

Crab With Soy sauce

In Korea, it is known as ganjang gejang. The crab tossed in soy sauce is tangy, spicy, and gently bitter. It is so unique in taste that people, who have eaten it once, keep asking for it again and again.  On the other hand, it gives a sweet surprise to the first-timers.


You can make this Korean food with steamed pork. Cut the steamed pork into square pieces and wrap it with perilla and lettuce. You can also use Kimchi to wrap the steamed pork pieces. A dipping sauce goes very well with this food. You can make the sauce with chili and soybean paste, known as ssamjang. Or else, you can use a pink colored sauce made with pickled shrimp. The name of this salty shrimp sauce is saeujeot.

Besides these 7, there are a number of Korean dishes that you can try.

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