Lotus Chinese Cuisine Secret For You To Explore

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Chinese cuisines have been known to like the use of aquatic plants in their culinary arts. Lotus is usually found in the ponds or the marshes, it is also called ‘lian’ in Chinese, and it signifies holiness or purity. The lotus is also mentioned in the ancient Chinese scriptures. It was also seen in various paintings and embroidery of Chinese culture. It has played an important role in Chinese culture for thousands of decades. The role holds a religious sentiment for Chinese as Lord Buddha was known to sit on a lotus, and the lotus grew around the tree where Lord Buddha meditated. They even use parts of lotus as sacrifices for holy occasions.

Eatable, Is It?

Usually found in the winter season, the lotus can be eaten as a whole or separately. However, the shoots of the lotus are known to be very bitter. The lotus is usually harvested during the autumn season in china. The lotus is dried to make flour, which is known for being an excellent supplement for the cereals and is used in various Chinese cuisine dishes. A popular dish made with lotus is the stew made with stuffed meat inside the lotus stems. The lotus is also used in various Chinese dishes. Some of them are listed below.

Lotus candy – The candy is made from the fresh plant, which is usually found during the new year, which symbolizes hope for a sweet new year.

Lotus seeds – According to an ancient tradition of the Chinese culture, the seeds of the lotus are steamed and given to a couple on their wedding day to wish them the birth of many sons.

Lotus leaves – Nowadays, in Chinese cuisine, the lotus leaves are used for serving a duck steamed in the lotus leaves and which is stuffed with the lotus roots and other vegetables.

Lotus Chinese Cuisine

Aside from its use in Chinese cuisine, the lotus is used in few other things, such as the lotus leaves used to wrap the food or other goodies in the Chinese markets or grocery stores. The lotus has also been used as a medicinal plant known to treat fevers and detoxify the blood during blood poisoning. It has also been used in treating severe nose bleeds and digestive issues such as diarrhea. Lotus has also been known to be beneficial in the domestic industry. It helps in getting rid of pimples and acne in teenagers and slowing the aging process among older women.


The lotus is used very significantly in Chinese cuisine. Apart from that, lotus has served various other purposes in various other cultures and is known to hold a special value among various types of cuisines all around the world. The use of lotus in Chinese cuisine has been consistent over the years as it brings excellence to Chinese people’s culinary art. Apart from this, you can always check out some other interesting dishes because Chinese cuisine offers a lot more than you think.

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