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Mint Indian Cuisine is a combination of traditional Indian fare and western influences. The first five to six centuries of cooking were influenced by the Indus Valley Civilization. This resulted in the fusion of several dishes and cuisines of that era. The cuisine has evolved over the years and now includes chicken tikka, Makhani (braised meat and vegetables), Sabzi (stir fried spicy and oily dishes) and various other regional varieties.

Wide Variety Of Spices

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There are a wide variety of spices used in Indian cuisine. These are different spices that add their own distinctive taste to Indian foods. Some of these spices include coriander powder, cumin, red chilli powder, red powder, turmeric, Cayenne pepper, black pepper and cinnamon. In addition, various other spices are also used which are quite commonly found in most of the Indian homes today.

Indian cuisine is greatly influenced by Muslim, Bengali and Mughlai cultures. This is because all these three communities had Muslim population in large numbers in India. Thus, the food reflects the influence of these communities with a few variations here and there. For instance, in some parts of Bengal and West Bengal, for instance, Rangoli flowers are used.

Indian Herb Of Remembrance

A bowl of food on a plate

Mint is known as the “Indian herb of remembrance”. It is often seen being used as a part of stir-frying. A small piece of mint is placed in a pan, along with some ingredients like vegetables, chicken, beans or even beef. The combination of ingredients helps to make the dish flavored and aromatic.


Another favorite among Indian cuisine is “Achaar” (pickles). It is prepared by simmering chopped green chilies along with spices and tomatoes, for about an hour. The resulting sauce is flavored with mint, cumin and coconut oil. The sauce can be eaten while being raw or can be used for cooking later. The advantage of using this Pickle is that it helps in retaining the original flavor of the pickles while being preserved.


“Roti” is a very important ingredient of Indian cuisine. It can be prepared in a number of ways. In many places in India, “rami” is served with flatbread. These breads are flatbreads which are dipped in curry. In many places in India, “ramo” is cooked with rice or rotis and served with sweets. In Kashmir, “Roti” is a dish cooked with wheat or grained rice.

Apart from the above mentioned, “Chapatis” is a type of flatbread, which is widely used in Indian cuisine. It can be prepared in different ways. In the Northern part of the Indian subcontinent, “Chapatis” is made with wheat or rice flour. In the Eastern Indian regions, “Chapatis” is cooked with semolina. Other popular types of chapatis are “Simmachan” and “Ustrich”.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that Indian cuisine is mostly vegetarian. So, meat is mostly avoided in this cuisine. Meat is mainly dealt with in the North Indian regions of the country. “Naan” is a type of stew which is made with rice and spices. So, the diversity of Indian cuisine is very much there!

The main ingredients in Indian cuisine are rice, fish, beans and lentils. These ingredients impart their own special flavor to the food. Sometimes these ingredients are combined in a special way so as to enhance the taste of the food.

Some Other Ingredients

The spices that are used in the Indian cooking are very diverse and there are plenty of them. Some of the common ones include, cumin, cardamom, fennel, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, thyme, ginger powder and black pepper. As far as flavor profiles are concerned, the commonly preferred ones include mint, chili, garlic, Cayenne, ginger and black pepper. They give a distinct flavor to the food and add a unique flavor to Indian cuisine.

Apart from the spices, you also need to consider the other important factors like vegetables, dairy products, chicken, fish and mutton among others. A well-maintained and clean kitchen will ensure that the food is cooked in a perfect manner. You can also find a lot of Indian recipes online. You can use them to create your own meals.


For starters, you can try out Samosas and Chapatis which are extremely popular in India. They can be made with or without rice. Both the dishes will provide you with a great taste. On the other hand, if you are looking for something spicy, you can always go for a chilli recipe. There are various types of chillis, which are loved by everyone equally. You can make a selection between mild, medium and spicy chili based on your taste.

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