Manas Indian Cuisine- A Best Place To Enjoy Indian Treats

manas indian cuisine

Manas Indian Cuisine is a famous takeaway restaurant in London. The restaurant started by Gurkha Manish (Gurkha Manish) and his wife Sunita has been a favorite for food lovers in the area. Simple place offers heaping servings of South Asian culinary delights, and lunch buffet & Indo-Asian meals. The restaurant offers gourmet vegetarian, seafood, Andhra style, Chinese & Continental, Grenadette and many other types of meals.

Impressive Menu Of Manas Indian Cuisine

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The impressive menu is filled with authentic delicacies from the subcontinent. The variety of Indian cuisines is simply mind-blowing. From starters, main course, side dishes to desserts and deserts. The exotic spices, tastes and aromas that are blended in the dishes, leave a strong impression on your senses. The use of Rapeseed in Manas Indian cuisine is responsible for this mesmerizing smell. It brings in a lot of vitamins E, C and Omega fatty acids that nourish the body.

“Rapeseed” is an excellent antioxidant found in certain types of soya bean. This is used to preserve Indian spinach, which is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes served in this restaurant. A good thing about this restaurant is that they serve it all through the week, so you don’t have to wait for a special dinner. The Rapeseed salad is topped with some pomegranate seeds and yogurt and best of all; it serves a whole week’s worth! The Rapeseed salad can be eaten any time of day as it is easily prepared and tasty.

Traditional Indian Meal – Tandoori

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“Tandoori” is a traditional Indian meal prepared with flatbreads & dry fruits. In this restaurant, you can choose from various types of Tandoori ingredients such as chicken, lamb, beef, pork, vegetables, fruits etc. For dessert, you can also order dessert items such as cashew nuts, almond butter, etc. The prices are very affordable and are perfect for every budget.

This restaurant has an Indian theme and serves delicious North Indian cuisine. They offer a variety of dishes and are reasonably priced. The North Indian cuisine at Manas is inspired by the famous Mughlai cuisine. The chef of Manas feels the need to bring back the flavor of Mughlai using authentic Indian spices, pakoras & rice. If you are looking for a unique kind of cuisine, then definitely go out for “Tandoori.”

“Hindi Om Barfi” is located in the heart of Manas. It is famous for its chicken kebabs. The restaurant reviews describe the taste of the chicken as “exotic”. These are just few of the mouth watering menu of Manas Indian restaurants. If you love food, you are bound to love this place.

Delicious South Indian Food

If you love South Indian food, “Nandu Sambar” is a must visit. The restaurant serves delicious South Indian food. The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of Manas Dam. It has traditional as well modern Indian ambience. You can feel the passion and the love for food in every word of the delicious South Indian cuisine.

If you love seafood, “Kheer” is the right place for you. The restaurant is situated on the first floor of Manas dam. The seafood is prepared using fresh ingredients, and it is best suited for lunch or dinner. The restaurant is easily accessible from Manas railway station and railway stations of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. So, whenever you are in Deccan, don’t forget to explore some of the amazing restaurants serving Indian cuisine.

If you love South Indian cuisine, “Paradise Fish Dinner” in Alleppey is a must visit. The restaurant serves authentic South Indian cuisine along with fresh fish. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday. So, whenever you are in Alleppey, don’t miss the opportunity to try this tasty cuisine.

You must love south Indian food, and “Nandu Sambar” in Kottayam is surely going to become your favorite. This restaurant offers you delicious food from various parts of India, and at the same time they serve it in a wonderful manner. From chicken to mutton, all the dishes are prepared in a wonderful manner. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, so you can enjoy some yummy delicacies during your lunch break or dinner.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are in Alleppey, you can make your delectable South Indian food with the help of “Mansa Paruppu” in Thiruvananthapuram. The restaurant is open every day and offers you delicious food prepared by expert chefs. You will also love the way they serve the food, as it is not only mouth-watering but also very healthy. You can sit around with your family and friends and enjoy some sensational food. You can get the authentic South Indian cuisine at a fraction of the cost from anywhere in Kerala. So, don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to try delicious South Indian food in Alleppey.

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