Manna Korean Cuisine Turlock- Paradise For Food Lovers

manna korean cuisine turlock

Manna restaurant I was on my trip to Singapore with my wife, exploring the city, and I found this lovely restaurant! Though there were many Korean restaurants around the street, this one was big and looking very standard. We were very much curious to try some Korean food, especially because I had only seen Korean dishes in k-dramas and films. 

So we got inside! They had a variety of food dishes, some of which I don’t remember but as we (me and my wife) usually prefer chicken items in non-veg, we tried Korean dishes like ”yang yum” chicken where we get fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce, “Ganjang” chicken where they serve fried chicken with soy sauce and chicken mayo rice which all were super-delicious. Instead of soup, we tasted Korean spicy ramayeon noodles which basically are soupy noodles! Felt a bit sour, but anyway, nice. We had heard a lot about this Ramayeon thing!. And when finally we had this, it felt quite different but awesome. 

A plate of food on a table

Another dish I forgot was ginseng chicken soup. My wife just loved it. We were in Singapore for I think around 4 days and for the next three days, we had dinner in this same restaurant. As we couldn’t afford every new dish, we move dinner sets which they provide like 

Top Mannan Restaurant Dishes

A plate of food on a table

1)“SABA-BBQ” where we get stir-fried chicken, chicken sausage served with rice.

 2) SABA- SAMGYEOPSAL, where we get grilled chicken sausage with sauce, served with rice and soup. 

And lastly, 3) O-BULGOGI, where you get marinated pork/chicken/beef with bean sprouts on a hot stone plate served with rice and soup. They were very spicy, but if you want to quench the thirst for Korean food, you will have to give the sacrifice. 

Also, you get an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures as Singapore is a global city and itself a brand. You can also hang out with friends and family having hot tea and beverages. Nobody hurries up in letting you out of the premises. We also enjoyed eating, talking, having fun with beverages and hot chicken. 

There was a guide with us throughout this Singapore journey who guided us about various food cultures of this city and its connection with social-political- cultural circumstances and developments. We let him have dinner with us. He was very friendly. I would like to say a few words about the restaurant. It is well furnished and plush. As I mentioned earlier, there were several places on the street for food; The Manna chain Is something unique. 


Though there was a huge rush, the management was very efficient. They didn’t let us wait, and we had a sumptuous dinner. They were treating customers with very great hospitality and care. The atmosphere was feeling very fresh and clean. As compared to Indian currency, it was, I would say it was very costly, but ya, as service, food quality is concerned it was worth. Whenever I go again in Singapore, I would certainly go to this place for sure!

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