Onion Chopper Garlic Press Cutter

Onion Chopper Garlic Press Cutter

Onion and garlic are the most widely used ingredients in many dishes across the globe. Most of the food items consist of either onion or garlic as the basic ingredient. While using them in dishes add flavor and delicious mouth-watering taste, but the chopping makes one tearful. Indeed, cutting the onion and garlic is a troublesome job. Peeling and washing them takes a very little time, but the chopping is a time-consuming task. Besides, chopping single small pods of garlic eats a lot of time. Therefore, the onion chopper garlic press cutter is exceptionally helpful and does the job in a few seconds. All it takes is to put peeled onion, garlic or other vegetables inside the garlic press cutter to get finely chopped vegetables. That too without getting tears, using a knife, or involving a chopping board. There is always a risk of cutting hands but not anymore.


Features Of Onion Chopper Garlic Press Cutter

Onion chopper garlic press cutter provides the fastest way of cutting vegetables. Onion, garlic, and other vegetables are easy to chop through this onion cutter. This chopper makes for a hygienic way of chopping vegetables and fruits. It is the best device that cuts the vegetables and fruits in a short span and very fast. It prevents you from touching the products. Hence, you save yourself from the smell of onion, garlic, etc. Chopping chilly may burn your hands, but not with onion and garlic chopper. It can chop small vegetables like chilly, garlic, coriander, etc.

Plastic and stainless steel are the perfect choices for making this kitchen tool. They are, therefore, free from rust, and does not wear away after some time of usage. Instead, they can are as good as new year after years. Moreover, this onion and garlic press cutter requires no maintenance. It just needs cleaning before and after every use.

To use this chopper, put the vegetable or fruits in the space provided. Cover it and then press down the handle repeatedly several times. You will get finely chopped, perfect in size, and ready to use vegetables or fruits.

Cleaning the vegetable and fruit cutter is easy and free of hassle. Thoroughly clean it with water before and after every use. If you feel the smell of garlic or any other vegetable persist, use dishwasher liquid.

Light-Weight And Compact Onion ChopperGarlic Press Cutter

The size of the vegetable chopper is around 15.5cm of height and 5.5cm diameter. The multipurpose vegetable chopper makes the sand cooker a light-weight and compact tool of chopping. It takes very little storage space when not in use. Therefore, you can easily roll and keep it on any shelf.

Affordable And Saves Cost

The Onion and garlic press cutter is a pocket-friendly tool. But, as compared to the expensive, useless products available in the market. Besides, the vegetable chopper does not make use of electricity and hence saves money. It works without electricity by just pressing down its handle. That definitely saves electricity bills.

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