Past And Future Of Traditional Chinese Cuisine

traditional chinese cuisine

Chinese food has a long history of being one of the most consumed and earliest cookbooks of the world. With its long and varied history, there are many different versions of traditional Chinese cuisine available. One of these is the Beijing cuisines which is one of the most popular. There, you will be served traditional Chinese dishes such as dim sum, noodles, stir-fry, soups, salads, dishes with fruit, deserts and desserts.

The ingredients used in Chinese cooking are generally simple and uncomplicated, which makes it rather easy to replicate the taste and texture of the ingredients. Here we will discuss some of the more common ingredients in Chinese cuisine that can be used from ingredients such as vegetables, meats, fruits, cheese, seafood and rice to fill and bind the different meals together.

Quickly Or Slowly

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A majority of the ingredients in Chinese cuisine can be prepared either quickly or slowly. For example, stir-fried items such as chicken or beef are usually cooked in a large pan before being served with vegetables in soft stir fry sauce. The meat is stir fried in hot oil until it becomes translucent while the vegetables are often simmered in stock. As these items continue to cook, they add their own special flavor to the food. It is this vivid and flavorful combination of ingredients that gives traditional Chinese food such a unique flavor.

Unlike many other cultures, Chinese people rarely use any kind of salt or spice to season their foods. They simply use what they happen to like such as sugar, chilli, sesame, black pepper and star anise for flavoring. In fact, one of the most popular condiments in Chinese cooking is the rare real Chinese herb called zingiber which is used to give foods a particular aroma and taste. For example, zingiber is commonly added to stir fry and especially to chicken or beef.

Diets Are Based On Hunting And Gathering

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Unlike many other countries in Asia, Chinese people do not eat large quantities of food and they also remain healthy. Because they lived so long ago, their diets are based on hunting and gathering. They only eat the things they gather. On a daily basis, they also seldom suffer from hunger or other physical ailments. Their main diet consists of salads and fresh fruits as well as soup and stir fry. They also drink water regularly and do not excessively sweat as Americans or Europeans do.

Unlike other areas in the world, in China food rarely experiences any sort of modernization. The primary variety of Chinese food that is seen today is a mishmash of different regional styles that date back hundreds of years. One can find Wusthof White Russian in the Sichuan region of China, Ren Yuan Dau Miu in Fujian province, and Hunan Province Lahuau in the Hubei region.

The Long Period Of Cultural Intermingling

You will also find an array of specialties ranging from beef to poultry to fruits and vegetables to seafood to beverages. This mishmash of culinary tastes is due to the long period of cultural intermingling that took place between ancient China and the early nineteenth century. Furthermore, during this long and varied history, the Chinese have learned to adapt to a wide range of tastes, which is evident in the present day when you can see dishes with such diverse combinations as char siu (Shanghai, China), bao bai (Beijing, China), stir-fry chicken (Chang, China), hoi ui (Vietnam) and dim sum (Szechwan).

The complexity of the Chinese food chain is greatly accentuated by the fact that there are many regional differences, especially in the size of a particular region. This is due to the differences in elevation, climate, and the differences in what the locals actually eat. The southern region of China for instance is known for its spicy hot and sour soup varieties. Whereas in the north, the local cuisine is more on sandwiches and stir-fry. Hence, it is not uncommon to find dim sum that is served with roasted duck and beef.


Chinese people are famous for their hospitality and they always offer a warm welcome to foreign guests. This is the main reason behind the popularity of Cantonese cuisine among foreigners. Cantonese food is characterized by a unique blend of flavors and traditional Chinese values. In addition, because of its long involvement in creating a harmonious culture, Chinese cuisine has been further modified and adapted to different regions and countries. Today, there are many restaurants in New York that serve only Cantonese cuisine. Although the dishes themselves may be very different, the method of preparation, method of cooking, and the ingredients used are all similar to those of Chinese cuisine from earlier times.

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