Philippines Cuisines – What Makes Them So Great

philippines cuisines

Philippines cuisine consists of the varied cuisines belonging to over a hundred different ethnic groups collectively found across the Philippines. Each group has its own specialties and local preparations. The variation is due to various events, crops, climate, season, and time. These variations are also found in the foods that are loved by Filipinos like fish, pork, vegetables, fruits, meat, rice, beans, and bread.

An Overview

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A typical Filipino meal consists of a main course of vegetables followed by protein and carbohydrates like pork or chicken. In the East, Mindanao is the name for seafood. In Manila and other major cities like Pampanga, Lagazpi, Baguio, Banaue, Cebu and other places in the Philippines, you can find almost every type of seafood available. The most popular and usual dish is fish that is cooked using a lot of spices and is considered a staple food of Mindanao.

Rice is another staple of Mindanao. It is usually served alongside pork, chicken, and vegetables. Another vegetable is the banana leaf which can be eaten just like raisins. A major source of protein in Mindanao is the wild boar meat, which is cooked and eaten using fire. Pork is the most common meat and a common ingredient in Mindanao cuisine.

There are many dishes that originated in Mindanao but are now found in other parts of the Philippines like Pampanga. One of these is the so-called “hobie” which is a spicy pork soup flavored with bay leaves and raw onion. Other popular local dishes include pupus, an intestiny dish that usually contains a mixture of potatoes, meat and vegetables cooked together and served with a broth.

Awesome Appearance

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Filipino cooking is marked by its unique aroma, flavor and colorful presentations. Vegetables like tomatoes, onion, garlic, chili peppers and other spices are used to give a distinctive taste to the dishes. Some of the main ingredients used in Mindanao dishes are coconut milk, fish oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, rice and beans. Some of the staples of Filipino cuisine include: bulalo, tongue, cooked meats, fish paste, tapioca starch, vinegar, garlic and other spices. Pork is the most common meat used in Mindanao.

There are many kinds of food to be found in the Philippines. In Mindanao, the famous breakfast food is known as bara-kutup. It consists of steamed white rice and eggs cooked with onions, garlic and salt. It is typically served before lunch. Bara-kutup is one of the famous Filipino foods that are eaten as a breakfast.

The lunch meals in Mindanao are characterized by a heavy meat intake accompanied by vegetables and fruits. The typical lunch meals are served either on a rice plate or with steamed vegetables. A typical dessert is baked pork. Desserts are usually sweet.

Great Fusion

Filipino cuisines are a fusion of various culinary styles from different countries. Many times, a specific cuisine will blend with another because of its harmonious taste. If you want to try out the different tastes and flavors in Philippines, you can visit different restaurants and check out their cuisines. You may even sample foods from other parts of the country that have a long history in the making of Filipino dishes.

Filipino cuisines have several common components that make them very popular and easy to prepare. One important ingredient is Mindanao tomatoes. They are the main ingredient of the famous Tagaytay food which is one of the most popular Philippine foods among foreigners. Tagaytay is one of the popular Filipino dishes that are loved by all. Aside from Mindanao tomatoes, you can also look for other local and fresh ingredients that contribute to the flavor of your food.

Important Ingredients

Other common ingredients in the Philippines’ cuisine include vegetables like tomatoes, onion and cabbage. Garlic and peppers are also used in a variety of dishes. Peppers are a perfect choice to add flavor to your foods as they are very strong. Apart from these, there are a lot of spices that add flavor and aroma to your foods.

Filipino cuisines can be found in many Asian countries especially in China. In addition, the popularity of these cuisines has expanded to other parts of Asia and even to America. This is probably due to the great taste of Filipino foods.


There are still a lot of unknown secrets about these Philippine cuisines. Some of the people may not even know that these dishes were originally from the Philippines. However, with the constant international travels, many Chinese and foreign restaurants now serving these cuisines, it is certain that many will eventually learn about the great taste of these dishes. Until then, those who would like to experience these great tasting foods must always be ready to take any risk just to experience the heavenly combination of flavors.

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