Ramen – Which Type Is the Best?

Ramen - Which Type Is the Best?

Ramen is popular in Japan and is actually an ingredient found in almost every noodle shop. While it is commonly prepared as a noodle soup, it is also sometimes served as a main dish in many Japanese restaurants. This dish has taken on a number of different names over the years including “Yakisoba” or “Sarameki,” what the Japanese actually know as Ramen.

Ramen Noodles

Traditionally, the ramen noodles are hand-made by folding and cutting them together to create the standard round noodles. The seasoning is normally a combination of miso, soy sauce, and dried herbs. The noodles are then dried in a special method that allows them to retain their shape for months without losing its taste.

The soup is usually prepared with water heated to boiling point and seasoned with the ingredients listed above. A special cooking pot called a “Chashu” is used to do this.

While ramen food is usually delicious, there are some unique differences between the two ingredients. There are actually a number of ways in which the ingredients can be used to create the ultimate noodle soup. This is a more expensive method, and a common type of ramen soup includes soup base, meat, and vegetables.

Ramen - Which Type Is the Best?
Ramen – Which Type Is the Best?

Process Of Making

The ramen making process is quite laborious and requires a lot of precision. It also involves several steps and layers of cooking which can include a long-simmering, adding of seasonings, and boiling and draining of the base ingredients.

Tonkotsu is a broth made from pork or chicken and usually seasoned with soy and mirin. Other additions include mushrooms, vegetables, and even sugar.

Tencha ramen is sold in a large carton. The Tencha is placed inside a plastic container so that it can be eaten cold.

There are also a number of machines available that make ramen at home. These devices cook the ingredients all at once, and then the cooked foods are moved to a storage area where they can be kept warm. They are sold online and include a variety of styles and materials.

Chow Mein

Another type of ramen that has become increasingly popular in the United States is the Chow Mein. These recipes, like the Tencha, usually come in small plastic cartons. They are prepared in a very similar way to regular chow mein, but it does not require the same cooking and storing methods.

Types of Ramen - Which Is the Best?
Ramen – Which Type Is the Best?

When you order a bowl of ramen noodle soup, it is often served in a bowl that resembles the typical Chinese soups. Some versions of this are served with bread, while others will be served with chopsticks.

These bowls are often filled with delicious food, and they are actually very addictive. They can be enjoyed hot or cold and provide a nice snack as well.

Bottom Line

Ramen soup is an extremely versatile and delicious food that has been popular for many years. Whether you are enjoying it cold or hot, it is sure to please anyone.

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