Regional Chinese Cuisine You Should Try Once In Your Life

Regional Chinese Cuisine

Chinese recipes are the best way to greet someone and have an impression on others. An original Chinese meal will have two major things, starch or a carbohydrate such as rice, buns, noodles accompanying stir dishes of veggies or fries, meat, and fish. The regional Chinese cuisine includes lots of fresh vegetables such as mushroom, bamboo, water chestnuts along with the tofu. In some parts of China, steamed buns as well as noodles are a major item of the table. Every single dish focuses on building a balance between aroma, appearance, and taste. Seasoning, sauces, five-spice powder, soy sauce, and oyster are generally offered to enhance the taste of the dishes.

Taste the regional Chinese cuisine
Taste the regional Chinese cuisine

The following are some other Chinese food items that you should try once in your life.

Guangdong Cuisine 

It is the most commonly served cuisine in almost every Chinese restaurant. Guangdong province and other parts of China are famous for its seafood and rice dishes. Plenty of varieties are served and all the dishes are added with seasoned with light flavors. Sautéing and stewing are the processes used for varieties of meats. The best thing about the dishes is that they are loaded with seasonal vegetables with spiced salt and sugar. The most common sauce served with the dish is hoisin, oyster, plum, etc. that makes it the best regional Chinese cuisine.

Anhui Is Also The Best Regional Chinese Cuisine

This cuisine is famous for wild food from the mountain in both form, plants, and animals and is prepared with healthy ultra-fresh ingredients. It includes several food items like fresh herbs, tea leaves, mushroom, berries original plants, and bamboo shoots. These items offer an unforgettable taste to the dishes. Braising and stewing are the main cooking patterns that are accompanied by lots of oil. Special attention is paid to enhance the appearance and color of the dishes. Temperature is also considered to preserve the nutrients available in the food.  

Fujian Cuisine 

It is also known as Min cuisine and is specified by great seafood along with various mountain food. The dishes are prepared in sweet as well as light flavor that makes it the best regional Chinese cuisine. In dishes, you can experience a great combination of woodland-based ingredients and seafood. Such types of dishes have a savory flavor and are always served with several types of soups. The food items used in the dishes are finely chopped before preparing. It allows it to blend with the spices quickly to enhance the taste of the dish. Some of the dishes are also prepared in red wine.

Delicious regional Chinese cuisine
Delicious regional Chinese cuisine

Hunan Is Another Famous Regional Chinese Cuisine

This cuisine is famous for moist, rich, and creamy dishes that are usually severed hot to offer a spicy taste to the customers. The dishes are prepared with hard flavors, spiciness, deep colors along with the fresh aroma. Smoking, braising are the major cooking techniques used in preparing such types of dishes. It is usually served with dozens of sauces like tea seed oil, soy sauce, Chinese red pepper, spicy oil, and fennel that enhance the taste to a great extent.


There are various mouthwatering Chinese you should try if you are on a trip to China. By doing this, you can also explore deep Chinese culture.  

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