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moon house chinese cuisine

If you love Chinese food and are planning a vacation to one of the many authentic Chinese cities in China, then you should definitely plan to experience the many attractions in China’s moon city of Yangshuo. Yangshuo is located in Anhui Province in the northern part of China. This city offers a wide variety of attractions for tourists of all ages. When planning your trip to this unique destination, it is important to visit a moon house restaurant to enjoy the true flavor of Chinese cuisine.

The moon house is a type of restaurant that has a kitchen within its walls. It was built as a separate structure from the main house that still uses traditional Chinese cuisine. It has two sides: one side is open to the public where guests and locals can sit down and have some tea or dinner, and the other is very different from the rest of the room which is where the chef works. Guests and customers often feel like they are dining in a mini-restaurant while being pampered by a Chinese chef.

Moon House Chinese Cuisine

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There are several moon restaurants in Yangshuo. The Sun Ming Restaurant, Westwood Inn, and Jade Dragon are just some of them. The Sun Ming is one of the newer restaurants to appear on the scene and is located right next to the Pearl River. This restaurant serves Chinese food that is light and fresh. The restaurant offers a full-service bar with very affordable prices. There is soft music played nightly which is suitable for enjoying a quiet dinner with friends.

The Jade Dragon restaurant is another popular moon house in Yangshuo. This restaurant specializes in dim sum and served the best dishes during the Chinese New Year. The restaurant makes sure that each food is carefully prepared and will impress even the pickiest of diners. They serve dim sum that is made from rice, meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits. Some of their best-sellers are the beef and broccoli spring roll and the beef and broccoli seafood soup.

The Westwood Inn is another wonderful restaurant where Chinese food is cooked by a moon braid chef. The chef will put the food on a bamboo mat that is decorated with moon patterns. The food is then steamed with two teaspoons of soy sauce and three generous spoons of orange sauce. The tofu chunks are used to make the famous mung bean pancake that many local customers find amazing. You can order lunch and dinner online in the United Kingdom. You can also find numerous other Chinese dishes that are available for your consumption at this restaurant.

A Much Ado

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Jade Dragon is another popular moon house that offers wonderful Chinese cuisine in Yangshuo. Many tourists visit this restaurant with the intent of having an authentic China experience. The chefs offer a wide array of dishes that use vegetables, meat, seafood, and fruits to create meals that are light and healthy. Their most popular dishes include the Braised Rabbit With Duck, Rabbit And Duck Linguini, and Duck And Orange Peel. Many of the seafood dishes are made from sustainable fish sources. The Jade Dragon moon house was featured in an episode of the television show, Flavor of Love.

The Feng Shui House restaurant in Kitset has many locations throughout the Kitset area. This establishment offers a relaxing atmosphere in which guests can relax while enjoying their meal. The dishes are designed to improve the energy of the room when they are served. Many Chinese restaurants use Feng Shui as a reference to enhance the atmosphere of their restaurants. In addition to being a wonderful place to dine, the Feng Shui House is also used as an engagement center and a meditation center.

Bottom Line

All of the moon house Chinese cuisine restaurants are located within walking distance of each other. They are all conveniently located so that people in the downtown areas can easily access them. Each of these restaurants is different when it comes to the quality of the food that they offer. However, all Chinese restaurants should offer you some form of excellent Chinese cuisine.

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