Review of Nirvana Indian Cuisine

nirvana indian cuisine

This small restaurant serves a variety of Indian and non-Indian dishes from around the world. It is run by a family with the exception of two children (ages eight and nine), so please keep that in mind when you go.

Food Is A Big Part Of Nirvana’s Culture

Everything is prepared using fresh ingredients, locally grown and caught in the Rocky Mountains area. A warm, family-run eatery with an old-world feel, lunch and dinner buffet including classic Indian entrees such as spicy biryani & curried curry. Children are free to come and go as they please with their friends, and Nirvana offers vegetarian meals that are fun for all the family.

There are quite a few vegetarian options on Nirvana menus that are worth trying out. They offer salads, pizza, samosas, curries, pastas, and even vegan selections. The menu changes frequently, so it’s up to you to come up with what you want to try out.

The Restaurant Is Open Friday And Sunday

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The restaurant is open Friday and Sunday, and they have private dining rooms as well as a sidewalk cafe that is open all day long. Most nights there is live music in the background with local Boulder musicians. Nirvana’s owner and chef Hapur Sahoo grew up in India where he spent many of his summers learning the culinary arts. After studying and getting his degree in culinary arts at the University of Boulder, he decided to return to India to share his knowledge with the United States. He has brought that experience back to America and created Nirvana Indian Cuisine. Sahoo loves traveling, so traveling is definitely something he enjoys doing.

One of the vegetarian options on the Nirvana menu is their Meetha Ghi Madhu vegetarian restaurant. Meetha Ghi Madhu is a restaurant that offers you authentic South Indian cuisine. This restaurant serves hundreds of different vegetarian dishes from many of the regions of India that Sahoo knows best. Meetha Ghi Madhu is located off of Broadway in Boulder. Parking can be difficult in Boulder, and this restaurant provides a free valet service.

Other Restaurants In The Boulder Area

Nirvana also has two other restaurants in the Boulder area. Their signature restaurant called Nirvana, which is located at 24th and Pearl streets, offers many vegetarian options on the menu. Nirvana offers an amazing charcoal grilled meat dish with chicken, lamb, and peacock meat on the menu. Nirvana also offers the traditional Paniyaram soup called Tandoori. If you are looking for vegetarian comfort food in Boulder, this is the restaurant for you.

Nirvana Indian Cuisine has many vegetarian friendly restaurants that are family friendly as well. You will find a full service restaurant that offers many entrees to choose from including curries, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a snack option. This restaurant offers American and Samosa style dishes along with many traditional Indian delicacies.

Last Words

Every month, Nirvana Indian Cuisine hosts a Meat Festival, where they give away some of their best dishes. They also have a Kids’ Party every Friday night. This is an exciting opportunity for parents to sit with their children and eat good food. It’s possible to book a room at Nirvana Indian Cuisine if you want to have lunch or dinner there. There is free WIFI internet access at the restaurant, and they have a kid-friendly atmosphere, which means children of all ages can enjoy the food.

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