Review Of Our Favorite Zaika Indian Restaurants In Rockaway

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From their humble beginnings as a casual eatery offering Indian & Pakistani specialities, they have grown to become a popular name in the DC metropolitan area. With many delicious foods to choose from and a variety of dishes to serve, Zaika Indian restaurant offers something for everyone – young, old, or in between.

Zaika Indian is located at 4th Street and Gallery Place, blocks from Howard Lanier Park and Connecticut Avenue. From the outdoor dining patio you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings while enjoying the food, music and ambiance that only an Indian restaurant can provide. Cozy, casual eatery offering many Indian & Pakistani specialities, a full lunch buffet, and vegetarian delights.

Chicken Kebabs

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One of the most popular dishes served at Zaika is chicken kebabs (tagine). This dish is made by marinating six tender chicken breasts with yogurt, lemon juice, coriander powder, cumin powder, and turmeric. The mixture is then cooked in a charcoal fire brick oven for about two hours. Then the meat is kept in the marinade and is served with rice, yogurt, and pickles.

Chaat masala is another favorite among the guests of Zaika Indian. Chaat masala is a variety of dishes prepared with spices like coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, and red chilli powder. It can be served with salads or plain rice. Often spicy, Chaat masala is light on the stomach and loads of fun to eat.

Breakfast To Dinner

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From breakfast to dinner, the restaurant serves up a wide range of dishes from north to south Indian cuisine. Their vegetarian offerings are also popular among the guests of this restaurant. A large variety of vegetarian dishes, mostly consisting of rice, dal, and green chilies, is offered at Zaika. Some of these dishes are Samosas (which are made of chickpeas), Rasam (hot and sour soup), and Halwa. The restaurant serves a wide selection of sweets, ranging from plain mints and jal jeera to chocolate-covered ones.

Dishes that are served with puffed rice and fluffy basmati rice are also popular among the guests of this restaurant. These dishes are not only delicious but are also made using authentic Indian ingredients. Some of the popular dishes that are served here are Mawa (mashed chickpeas), Samosas, Halwa, and Chapatis. Other popular side dishes include Rasam, Baba Ghanouj, and Paper.

The Menu Of Zaika

There are a number of vegetarian dishes available on the menu of Zaika. Some of these dishes include Appiroda (stir fried cubed meat or chicken), Anjeer Rolls (thin flat cakes), and Samosas. Most of these dishes are served along with the main meals of the restaurant.

Although it is one of the biggest restaurants in the city, the service of the staff of Zaika Indian cuisine was found wanting as far as taste is concerned. They usually served a small variety of chicken, beef and mutton dishes which were not only extremely tasteless but also not to the taste of many people who tried them. However, the food that was served was quite good and most people claimed that they were quite enjoyable to eat.

The Vegetarian Customers

Another problem with the restaurant was the service provided to the vegetarian customers. The team that took care of the vegetarian section seemed to be mostly vegetarian themselves and did not provide the best dining experience for the patrons of the restaurant. Although there was not much choice in the menu for vegetarians, the portions were quite decent and there was nothing which could be called un-eatable in the restaurant.

When we were dining at Zaika Indian cuisine we had the option of ordering either to go for the buffet or have a sit down dinner with us. Being a non-vegetarian myself, I opted to go for the buffet. We also ordered some vegetarian curries and some appetizers which were quite good. The only problem was that all the dishes were so delicious that we could not leave the table hungry. The prices of the different dishes were also very reasonable.

Final Words 

When we were done eating we were happy to return back to the restaurant and make a review on the restaurant. The other customers were also satisfied with the food that they had ordered and the prices were quite reasonable as well. In fact, the prices were the best that we have ever experienced at that restaurant. So if you are looking to try out Indian cuisine, then definitely try out Zaika Indian Cuisine at Rockaway Beach, NJ.

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