Sitara Indian Cuisine Reviews

sitara indian cuisine

Everything prepared with rich taste, tenderness, healthy and made just right, to steal your heart with a delicious meal” says Shampa Indian chef Sajan Vaidya.

The restaurant has its branches all over the city. “The restaurant serves healthy and traditional Indian cuisines. We prepare everything with care and extra special spices to make our dishes special and delightful. The atmosphere of this restaurant is lively and pleasant. The staff of this restaurant is friendly and listens carefully to the customers.”


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There are various dishes served in this restaurant. They include the famous Chicken Chettinad, Spicy Salmon, Barbeque chicken and other Indian dishes. It is very popular among the tourists and the locals alike. “The restaurant serves some great and authentic South Indian delicacies”, says Jayashree.

“I love this restaurant and the ambience of it. The food of the restaurant is mouth watering. The staff is so friendly and helpful. I am satisfied with the variety of dishes available in this restaurant.”

Dosa From Pista

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“Dosa from Pista (South Indian cuisine) is simply awesome. They use ingredients such as rice, which are floury, black in colour and hence it is referred to as the black bread. It is very thick and rich in taste. It also contains wheat and milk and is fried. The dosa is very thin and hence can be easily folded. It can also be stored in the refrigerator for several days.”

The Restaurant serves Bhel Puri (Spicy Red chili), which is very spicy. The chili makes your mouth water and it is very satisfying. The restaurant has various other delicious dishes that are perfect for lunch or dinner. The menu also includes various vegetarian items, which are a great option for those people who do not like too much meat.

Dosa From Sitara

“Dosa from Sitara Indian Cuisine was just wonderful. It was served with rice on the side. There were onion rings, sauteed tomatoes and lots of different sauces. The staff was very friendly and courteous. The price is affordable and you will not feel like you are being overcharged.”

“The ambiance of the restaurant was very appealing and the prices are very reasonable. The service was excellent and the food was cooked well. There are many different dishes on the menu and you can choose according to what you are looking for. This restaurant has been around for years and is one of the best restaurants in Phuket.” This is just an overview of the restaurants in Sitara that we found. If you are in Phuket or plan to visit Phuket, make sure you check out our other restaurants in Thailand reviews.

Indian And Continental Food

“I love going to this restaurant. It’s located at a distance away from my home and I get to enjoy delicious Indian and continental food whenever I come there. They serve tasty food and it costs less than five dollars. The atmosphere in this restaurant is very unique and customers don’t leave dissatisfied either.”

“I love coming here. The food is very good and the prices are very reasonable. I always leave the restaurant full and satisfied. This restaurant serves great Indian and continental food at a very affordable price. The atmosphere is pleasant and many customers frequent the restaurant.”


“I think this restaurant serves the best Indian cuisine in Phuket. The prices are affordable and you get quality. Many tourists come to this restaurant for its great food. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who is interested in Indian cuisine”. Sitara Indian Cuisine has many customers who rave about the food they have experienced. The restaurant is located at a very convenient location which makes it easy for tourists to visit at any time of the day. The service is friendly and the prices are very reasonable. Many tourists also come to eat here because they can get a lot of bang for their buck. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for inexpensive fare or top notch cuisine, this restaurant has it all.

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